Rob Vincent CONUNDRUM (Single)

Rob Vincent
Thirty Tigers

WOW! I was at work yesterday when this new single from our chum Sir Robert Vincent arrived via e-mail and I was excited as my Granddaughter on Christmas Eve waiting to actually hear it during my lunch break!
Technically that’s odd; because I’ve already got the album IN THIS TOWN YOU’RE OWNED and already love the song; but there’s still something of the teenager in me when it comes to singles.
As most of you will know this is the third single from the album and while it’s slightly different in tone, yet again it really showcases not just Rob’s excellent songwriting skills but that wonderfully enigmatic voice.
In support of the new album, Vincent recently announced some brand new tour dates for this Spring. He will be accompanied by his band for seven headline shows that begin at The Lexington in London on 23rd March, ending at Jimmy’s in Liverpool on 3rd April for a special home town gig. Full dates to follow.


Of the new track, Robert explains “We are faced with a conundrum about whether or not to remain as consumers, and continually take from the world we live in, or to start looking after our planet. “We take love from this world, try to leave some when you go”. We all have a responsibility as individuals to try to fix the damage we are doing. “You’re born into this world alone, try to leave it better off when you go’”.

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