The Legends of Tomorrow DON’T GO TO NASHVILLE

The Legends of Tomorrow

Old Songs, New Songs and Songs to Stir Your Folk Rocking Heart.

I thought I was finished with reviewing music from 2019 when this EP arrived in the Christmas post and I found myself with a free morning; and nothing to do.
While I thought I had my ‘finger on the pulse’ of Northern Irish Roots Music; I’ve not heard of Colin Harper nor his friends aka The Legends of Tomorrow; but trusted the source PR Company so give this EP a listen.
Without it being a ‘spoiler’ in any way, all 5 songs here are very, very different in style, content and even musical genre not least because each is sung by a different singer ; Mickey Rafferty (The Minnows), Ciaran Gribbin (Leya/INXS/solo artist), Paul Casey (solo artist), Janet Henry (solo artist) and Lyndsay Crothers (Wookalily); but ……. that’s no hardship at all when you give them a chance to breathe.
The title track Don’t Go To Nashville is a right ole ‘piss n vinegar’ America song about the current trend of British songwriters rocking up in Nashville and spending their Summer Holidays (and savings) to join up with locals to write ‘the next big thing’. It’s a very cleverly constructed song with a sharply observed story; although there just may be a hint of jealousy in the off beat!
I actually agree with the sentiment; because apart from or two specific songwriters in the RMHQ ‘Circle’ who have history with this source and indeed actual success; I receive numerous Press Releases from acts stating that they have spent time in Nashville writing songs with people I have; and never will have heard of; sorry but it just doesn’t impress; unless the songs are actual zingers; and they invariably aren’t.
This is followed by a melodic Indie Rocker in the mould of Icicle Works or The The, called When It’s Gone which touches on the changes; both physical and emotional that surround us every day; especially the iconic buildings that we grew up with that are disappearing and being replaced with bland 21st structures.
Next up, Liberation is the type of 1970’s Folk Rocker that I used to sit listening to with my massive headphones clutched tightly to my ears as I tried to unravel the meaning of life; and I never found them, but that doesn’t stop this delightful tune with delicious harmonies being something that I can recommend wholeheartedly to you.
I feel guilty about not making the final song Greta Thunberg At The End of Time my Favourite Song; as it’s very much a ‘song of our times’ and Lyndsay Crother’s vocal performance is spellbinding as she battles, like the young Swede with a cacophony that builds around her.
But; my Favourite Song here, People On The Highway is actually a Bert Jansch song that Harper and friends have dusted down and lovingly tidied up by adding a gorgeous modern Folk Rock tune featuring some inspirational violin playing from Martin Hayes too; and Janet Henry sings her heart out like a siren on the rocky cliffs beckoning the casual listener in with her soft yet dangerous charms.
All five of these beautifully constructed songs, that straddle Americana and British Folk Rock with consummate ease, are a lovely if angsty antidote to all of the false bonhomie and political nonsense surrounding me and indeed you at the moment.
RMHQ Recommends.

Released November 11th 2019

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