Chris Landry and The Seasick Mommas
Two Ninety Three

Intoxicating Left-field Indie and Alt. Country Hybrid.

While the band’s name The Seasick Mommas doesn’t sound the greatest in the world …. it caught my attention, so maybe it’s a lot more creative than I at first thought.
Apart from this being Chris Landry’s second album and he comes from Ottawa, there’s not a lot more to tell, as Landry himself says “Let the music speak for itself.”
So, we will.
Opening track You Don’t Call Me, is a delightfully sloppy Alt. Country heartbreaker in the style of someone like The Waco Brothers; but nearly a week after receiving the album ……. I’ve ascertained that Chris Landry certainly has a voice and style all of his very own.
Like many other Alt. Country bands over the years, Landry and friends take a heady mix of Classic Country Rock, Honky Tonk and add a touch of Indie Rock swagger to keep the party going; and then they add their very own musical joie de vivre.
While Landry has a bit of a ‘deadpan’ voice, he’s not afraid to use melodies to beef up his articulate songs. Feelin’ It Tonight and the Uber-sad I Cried For Days are prime examples; and the judicious use of pedal-steel on both, as well as others set these songs apart from the pack that is currently filling my in-box.
For a second album; there’s a whole lot going on here, with Landry and his Momma’s showing they can get ‘deep and meaningful’ too; the tragically thoughtful Why Couldn’t You Love Me is as left of centre as traditional Country gets and Everything Ends Tonight takes us the type of dark journey Nick Cave might attempt if he ever recorded in Nashville or Austin.
Speaking of ‘left of centre’, which is an area I love to explore; Landry drops in two musical time-bombs that at first just seem darn odd; but repeated plays of both After The Flood and the Texicana influenced Carpark Graveyard are starting to unravel two wonderful songs; that I may easily have missed.
On such a smorgasbord of musical riches I’ve honed in on two songs to decide between as my Favourite Song; Voice In an Empty Room is a less obvious contender, as it’s a bit of a ‘claustrophobic love song;’ but somehow it’s actually grown on me; and the other, which is the actual Winner is No Intentions; possibly the most ‘easy on the ear’ song here; but Landry’s story isn’t as simple as you’d first imagine …… which again, is something I really like.
Just in case you are interested; and if you’ve got this far I presume you are ….. the band are  Chris Landry singing and plays guitar, Stuart Rutherford pedal steel, Jim McDowell keys, Kerri Carisse and KJ Thomas sing backing vocals, Steve Donnelly bass and Chris Buttera plays drums.
For once, I didn’t guess that this band were Canadian; as they have a Universal sound that will find them filling bars, clubs and Honky-Tonks as far afield as Toronto, London, Hamburg and Nashville itself.

Released November 29th 2019

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