Ruth Patterson (Holy Moly & the Crackers I’D GIVE IT ALL (single)

Ruth Patterson (Holy Moly & the Crackers
Pink Lane Records

The very first time I saw Holy Moly and The Crackers everything revolved around frontman and singer Conrad Bird as a) he is a live wire and b) has one helluva voice; but there was also ‘something’ about the pretty lass with the violin next to him, who supplied harmonies and also the odd verse here or there.
Now; as the years have subsequently gone by the world (and Conrad) has finally caught up with my foresight; and Ruth Patterson, for it was she, is now, more or less the Front Person and Conrad has taken a tiny step backwards; to let her revel in the spotlight, as he pulls the strings like a benevolent puppet-master.
The band’s latest album, Take A Bite predominantly revolves around Ruth’s dynamic and IMHO ‘amazing voice’ and the band’s overall sound is all the better for it (sorry Conrad; but you know I’m right #wink)
Which finally brings us to this beautiful new single from Ruth herself, albeit with the band in tow; and I can only imagine it’s under her moniker as it is so very different from anything the band do as a unit it may confuse the average fan.
In some ways, nay ….. most every way, this song is the most ‘Grown Up’ song I’ve heard from the combo. I love their whizz bang live shows, and the album certainly has ‘staying power’; but this song is in a whole new stratosphere.
Sultry and almost Divaesque, Ruth digs deep into her Soul on a heart crushing love song that is seeped in so much windswept strings and piano you will pull up your collar to protect yourself from the Cool Chills it produces.
Not only is this a stunning song that really emphasise what a stunning voice and range this young lady has; but the accompanying video is well worth 4 minutes (or more!) of your time too.
For the uninitiated, there are hints of a mellow Dusty here as well as Carmel McCourt (for the cool and hip readers) and even that Nick Cave/Kylie Murder Ballad …… but first and foremost, this is Ruth Patterson from Holy Moly and the Crackers …… don’t you forget it!

Released 15th November 2019

One thought on “Ruth Patterson (Holy Moly & the Crackers I’D GIVE IT ALL (single)

  1. Hi Alan, yes please for a copy of this and also of the Holy Moly album, if that is possible. MP3’s via Dropbox preferred.

    cheers, Jack….



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