Jerry Leger
Time Out For Tomorrow
Latent Recordings

Classy 60’s and Indie Inspired Contemporary Canadiacana

We only stumbled upon the genius of Jerry Leger in 2018; but are now the proud owners of 5 of his albums and playing any of them couldn’t make us any happier.
Although appearing on the Cowboy Junkies label Latent Recordings and being produced by fellow Canadian, Michael Timmins, TIME OUT FOR TOMORROW couldn’t sound any more different from his previous offerings or those of the Cowboy Junkies by a country mile.
While Jerry says it was Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby, and Nick Lowe’s The Impossible Bird that inspired him to record these songs in this particular style; it appears to me that Messr’s Leger and Timmins immersed themselves in 60’s Classics before going into the studio, as the shimmering 3 mins and 20 seconds of opening track Canvas of Gold has elements of the Burrito’s, Byrds and even the Beatles circa Revolver in the harmonies and jangling guitars that surround Leger’s dreamy words.
The single Justine follows in a similar vein with an acoustic intro that leads into ever more sweet electrical guitar and Jerry pouring his heart out in a timeless and beautiful love song.
Okay, I’ve repeated myself too much about the 60’s ‘feel’ to these songs; and there’s no denying it; but don’t think this album and the songs therein are ‘retro’ or even a pastiche …….. no sirree Bob; the punchy Read Between The Lines and Corner Light are as contemporary as songwriting gets; it’s just that the delivery of the melodies that will have you tapping your toes as Jerry Leger’s words break your heart.
As he sings in Corner Light,
“She treats me like a person/She don’t treat me like a clown.” Good stuff? Huh?
The enigmatic Survived Like a Stone actually has a Cowboy Junkies back-beat to it; but Leger’s distinctively expressive voice sweeps and soars in a way that makes this song a stone cold killer!
I can’t really express how exciting these songs are to me; Leger’s storytelling just goes from strength to strength, especially with Tell a Lie and Tomorrow in My Mind which are both stunningly outstanding IMHO.
For my Favourite Song I’m erring towards the lovely I Would; but have probably gone for Burchell Lake, mostly because of the fearless melody that has me tapping both feet and fingers in tandem; and Leger’s words, while not actually having a noticeable chorus still had me singing along with carefree glee each time I’ve played it.
I haven’t got all of Jerry Leger;s back catalogue, but have enough to know this is a really classy step up for my Canadian friend and there’s nothing here for radio or national magazines across the globe to dislike; so reviews everywhere should be as glowing as this one and that should surely beget radio plays, which in turn will beget sales.
Fingers crossed.

Released November 8th 2019
Buy it here

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