Keb’ Mo’
Snakefarm Records

An Emotion Ringer of a Christmas Album.

Normally I refuse all Christmas music until December 1st, so this is a first for RMHQ; and it’s only because we love Keb Mo that we are writing a review of a Christmas Album in October …… yes; OCTOBER and the sun is shining!
Although 7 of the 10 songs here are shiny new originals; Keb’ Mo’ adds his special ‘magic’ to the hoary old chestnut Please Come Home For Christmas; turning it into a heartwarming love song; even though the message contained in the lyrics are is still sad as ever.
This is followed by the title track, Moonlight, Mistletoe and You and the charm simply oozes out of the grooves like gingerbread and hot chocolate; in a way that will remind you of a young Nat King Cole at his smoothest.
With so many classics to choose from I can’t imagine it’s easy for a songwriter to come up with new ideas for Christmas songs; but Keb’ Mo’ manages to come up with some real ‘tummy tinglers’ and even ‘smile inducers’ while still maintaining his artistic integrity L.O.L.
Santa Claus, Santa Claus is a fizzing Blues, that will find its way into many other artists sets at this time of year for decades to come; as might the low down and sad, sad, sad Santa Claus Blues; which is exactly the type of Keb’ Mo’ Christmas song I’d have hoped to find here; but feared I wouldn’t.
the ‘tongue in cheek’ Christmas is Annoying, which is cheekily hilarious at times.
The other cover here is absolutely beautiful; yet not a song I’d heard before even though it was ‘made famous’ by Billie Holliday. none the less the duet between Keb’ and Melissa Manchester, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm is exactly what grown ups will want to hear on the build up to the Big Day as they snuggle up on the sofa as the kids are pretending to be asleep upstairs.
So why is that not my Favourite Song? Well, you have to listen to Keb’s own When The Children Sing to understand why; somehow he manages to keep everything the right side of ‘twee’ and it’s not kept back until the end by accident.
In it’s own way I expect this song to be the ‘hit’ as it touches every emotion you have; and in my head I’m imaging the video featuring Keb’ alongside a host of children, plus the cast of Sesame Street singing and smiling their little hearts out.
It’s taken him 25 years to get around to making a Christmas album; but the wait has been worth it …… as has playing a Christmas Album in bloody October!

Released October 18th 2019

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