Margot Polo

80’s Inspired Synth-Pop For the Discerning Hipster.

I don’t know what’s come over me today, as I woke up expecting to be reviewing two new Bluesy Albums, yet here I am immersing myself in Pop Music; and not just any old Pop Music but Synth-Rock!!
Perhaps it was David Provenzano’s adopted moniker Margot Polo, or more likely the photo of him wearing a Summer Suit covered in pineapples that caught my attention; but the music contained therein has been the perfect accompaniment for a morning editing photos and doing a pile of ironing.
The eclectic and electronic opening bars on Let’s Get Out certainly piqued my attention; and the luscious over-layered harmonies and synthesiser beat, whizzed my memory bank back to many a Friday night drinking heavily and dancing to Barney’s Blue Moon Disco at Barmston Club.
Sometimes songs don’t necessarily have to have an arc or indeed narrative to still be ‘good songs’; and that is the case here with Someone New and The Feeling, although both have ‘stories’ I was more caught up in the ambience and sensory overloads ……. which is quite a change at RMHQ.
The other two songs on this all too brief EP are actually polar opposites; but both have charmed me in completely different ways; making selecting only one of them as my Favourite Track devilishly difficult.
Earlier today Electric Girl was the obvious 1st choice; with echoes of Gary Numan, Howard Jones and even Depeche Mode in the way Margot Polo drive a dominating bass-hook and tsch-tsch-tsch drum bullets through your heart; but I’m going for the cinematic and windswept Poison as my choice; simple because it’s classy, well constructed and so powerful it just carried me along in its slipstream.
Certainly not my normal musical fodder; but then again I’ve always had eclectic taste and every now and again something brand new and totally unexpected comes along and wins me over…… this is one such recording.
Certainly not for my regular readers; but I’ve already sent a download to my 10 year old Granddaughter who is currently into “all things 80’s” ….. and this will sit perfectly in one of her current i-phone playlists.

Released October 11th 2019

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