Cliffs & Caves DEFIANCE (single)

Cliffs & Caves

Towards the end of most weeks we get inundated with singles, which is fine …… but I’m an old fashioned Music Snob that still loves albums, so they hardly get featured.
Unless they are very special.
Somehow I missed out on Cliffs & Caves EP earlier this year ….. it’s on all my devices and I vaguely remember it; but miss it I did.
Then, last night this video single arrived; and as I’m prone to saying, ‘it was a case of right place/right tome!’
Even without reading the accompanying Press Release it’s pretty damn obvious that this powerful song is about ‘standing up for yourself’ both, figuratively and literally, be it personally or as a nation ….. powerful stuff indeed and sung with barely channeled venom; albeit in an ethereal lo-fi manner (listen and that will make complete sense.)
Now; where’s that EP?

Released October 4th 2019

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