Kris Barras Band LIGHT IT UP

Kris Barras Band
Light It Up

British Blues Rock With An RS Turbo!

My formative years; musically were spent listening to loud Rock Music …….. Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter and Free; to name but three; but the older I’ve got my taste has spread across numerous genres.
Yet, every now and again I need to feed my ‘Jones’ and give in to my desires for loud ‘n feisty guitar driven Blues Music that rocks like a Ford Escort RS Turbo on a winding road…… and boy, oh boy does the Kris Barras Band fit that description perfectly well!
Opening track What You Get comes out of the traps just like that aforementioned car; leaving the listener not just breathless, but clutching their chest too……. just in case it actually is a heart attack set to music.
I’d never heard of Kris Barras prior to his last release THE DIVINE and The DIRTY; so I can’t vouch for his earlier work; but that matters not a jot when the likes of the very apt Counterfeit People and Wound Up are available today …… who needs or cares about the past?
Even without reading the latest Press Release I already thought these kids were contenders for the title of Hardest Working Band in Britain; as their Social Media has been full of tours, support slots and Festival Appearances that implied they hardly ever sleep in their own beds.
There’s a helluva lot going on in the British (Blues) Rock World these days; but The Kris Barras Band somehow manage to take a ‘Classic’ guitar/bass structure and somehow turn tracks like What a Way To Go, Vegas Son and the down ‘n dirty Bullett into something almost contemporary and even complex in their construction.
What’s easy to forget here is what a wonderful voice Kris Barras has. Yes; of course his guitar playing is quite exemplary and even adventurous; but very few of his peers can actually sing a song as well as he can; stretching his larynx to its limit on Ignite (Light It Up), but also having the ability to break your heart on the sultry Pride is Forever and/or Let The River Run Through You.
Selecting a Favourite Song should have been easier than I’ve eventually made it. Right from Day #1 the heart-pumping and sizzling (Cracked Knuckles and) Broken Teeth didn’t just stand out from the pack; but grabbed me by the ‘dangly bits’….. so good it is.
But; just this morning 6 A.M sort of unraveled before my very eyes and ears, leaving me with a dilemma …… but hey; you choose when you hear them and let me know.
As I said earlier, I’m late to the party; but I can still tell that there’s a distinctive move forward here from the last album, with the band’s Trademarked British Blues Roots somehow now sounding like they can take on the American Giants on their own turf, without fear or favour.

Released September 13th 2019

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