Geraint Watkins RUSH OF BLOOD

Geraint Watkins
Rush of Blood
Last Music Company

The Bar is Raised Significantly for British Country Music.

The title Rush of Blood is very apt for Geraint Watkins’ latest solo release; as that’s exactly how I and I’m sure hundreds of others felt when we heard this album was on the horizon.
I will forgive anyone under 40 for not knowing who he is; but shame on anyone over that age who doesn’t appreciate not just his actual music; but his contribution to what we now know as British Americana or indeed; British Country Music!
RUSH OF BLOOD starts with a 1950’s Country Love Song that doubles as the rousing title track. Man oh man! Watkins says more about ‘love’ in 4 minutes than I’ve managed in 50+ years; and he made my toes tap too.
‘Love’ is the golden thread that weaves through just about every song on this marvelous musical tapestry.
If you already know Geraint Watkins there’s nothing new here; ; but there’s plenty of beautiful trademark odes, sung in his trademark world weary, grizzled voice like the swoonsome Hold Back The Night and the heartbreaker I Got The Blues to make even the most cynical of old musos get swept along in Geraint’s gentle tidal wave.
But; anyone just discovering him will wonder why they’ve never heard of him before when they here the Twangtastic Middle of the Night and Reason to Live; both of which easily surpass anything you will hear on Country Hits Radio or the like this year; or any year.
For me personally RUSH OF BLOOD is chock full of potential singles, with each and every song having the ability to tug on the heartstrings in very different ways; but tug they will; especially On My Mind and the majestic Heart of Stone; which both take Modern British Country Music into a whole new stratosphere!
My choice of Favourite Song here is quite the tearjerker; and a contender for a song as my funereal epitaph. Watkins’s deft touch on the electric piano instantly catch your attention; but when her purrs Another Day Over in that velvety manner you know this is a man still gloriously love but ……… knows time is running out. 10/10
Or should I go for Geraint crooning (yes; crooning) the darker Jazzy Another Day Over (Reprise), which follows? Nah; I’m keeping that as a ‘secret love’ …….. don’t tell anyone I told you about it.
My copy has a Bonus Track; Wherever There’s Love which I hope yours has too as it’s a doozy; with Watkins on fine Country warbling form and the addition of some razor sharp pedal-steel that will make all those young and hirsuit Alt. Country kids think again about their career choices.
I haven’t got enough time to give you a pocket history of this giant among men; but this is a great place to start discovering this rare talent; then purchase yourself some Balham Alligators and you will get your life changed for the price of two pints of London beer.

Released 13th September 2019

One thought on “Geraint Watkins RUSH OF BLOOD

  1. an excellent review that ought to compel anyone who is remotely interested in “good music” to go out and buy this latest album from the welsh wizard of the keyboards. For me, Geraint has always been difficult to pigeon hole into any genre, he is capable and very often does, completely surprise you with his own songs and also his choice of covers, although I understand that this new album is all his own compositions. What makes this record so clean and different to past releases is the production, by Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx, although the wacky Watkins take on music is still a clear platform for all the songs. It’s a marvellous album that needs to be heard and then go check out his back catalogue; plus all the guest spots on a host of other artists recordings. You’ll find he’s played with just about everybody who is anybody.


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