Kerrie Fuller CLICHE

Kerrie Fuller

Intricate Tales of Unrequited Love From a Rising Star In British Country Music.

Kerrie Fuller is a true D.I.Y. artist. She writes her own songs, records them in her own home studio in Kent, producing them herself, and then releasing them on her own label. It’s a tough world out there for any musician struggling to get some notice, kudos to Fuller for being brave enough to give it a go.
Cliché is Fuller’s third EP release and, on this one, most of what we get is tales of unrequited love, but not of the “Oh, poor me,” variety, instead there’s heartfelt anguish and romantic despair, especially on “He’s Not Mine” and “The Other Woman.”
The title song, “Cliché,” is the strongest track here with a fun chorus and witty verses — What a great idea for a song!
“Little Bit Lonely” has pop potential, and “Why Don’t You Love Me?” is a plea for understanding in a doomed romance. The simple rhythm guitar accompaniment helps this one out, letting Fuller’s vocals shine through.
Fuller is still learning and feeling her way through the difficult and often confusing world of being an artist in today’s confining environment, and I’m looking forward to watching her adapt and grow.

Courteous the Legendary Roy Peak

Released 6th September 2019

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