Chains of Daisy DEAD AS STONE (EP)

Chains of Daisy
Dead as Stone
Self Released

Putting the Swagger Back Into British Rock

It hasn’t been the best of days; even if I have managed to crank out a couple of other reviews, so I was just finishing up a couple of hours ago, in readiness for watching something funny on Netflix when an e-mail arrived from Mike Blackhart, the hirsute singer from a Rock band called Chains of Daisy; claiming all kinds of support from Classic Rock stations and websites that normally make me run for the hills.
But ……. there’s always a but; there was ‘something’ that made me download their EP.
Here I am now, three coffees later, headphones on desperately trying to reconcile my diary so I can see them play live some time soon.
“Why would that be?” You may well ask.
Opening track Dead As Stone blew me away straight from the get go! The obvious comparison is The Faces; not Sir Rod Stewart and The Faces; but Long Player The Faces when Rodders was just the singer and not yet a Superstar. A heart-stopping bass, rinky-dink piano and searing, yet refined guitar solos and a swaggering and cocky singer who wouldn’t get past Round #1 on Britain’s Got Talent …… what’s not to like?
Absolutely nothing…. that’s what!
These kids can really write a Rock Ballad; that’s for sure; as the tragically beautiful A Farewell Winter Blues proves. Trust me; turn the lights down low and cuddle up …… it’s that type of Lurve Song; full of tears, pathos and heartache. (Which is just what I needed to hear today).
The fourth and final track finds the band going acoustic for Never Walk Alone; and Blackhart’s pained voice and the intricate guitar play between Carlos Oliviera and Aristeidis Makaronas; especially the inclusion of some sweet bottle-neck reminded me of the interplay between Rodgers and Kossoff in the late lamented Free …… and trust me; that’s high praise indeed from me.
Then, there’s the next single and my personal Favourite Song here; Morning Song with its surprisingly Countryesque melody and toe-tapping beat …… it’s a sure fire radio hit; and has the touch that could even make it a crossover hit too.
This multi-talented trio are from from London, Greece and Portugal and make truly International British Blues Rock!

EP Released May 2019

One thought on “Chains of Daisy DEAD AS STONE (EP)

  1. Is it too late for you to edit out the duplications on this revue, seems to me like a copy & paste that occurred twice. And thanks for the DropBox files, sounds like my kinda stuff.

    cheers Marra, Jack….



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