American Young
Soundtrack Of Your Life
Curb Records

Timeless Country Tales of Teenage Heartbreak and Love.

American Young aka Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone American Young aka via their singles and regular UK Festival appearances have been on my radar for a couple of years now; but this is the first time I’ve really found the time to listen to them in one proper listening session.
The first thing you need to know about this EP is that Mrs Magpie has already claimed it for her car.
The opening track (and current single) Gonna Be You is a real powerhouse duet, with both crystal clear voices swooping and soaring like eagles just waiting to catch their prey unawares; and when they do zoom in for your heart; there’s nothing you can do but fall in love with them.
Presumably targeting hormonal and heartbroken young women (I know ……. Mrs. Magpie shouldn’t fall into either camp; should she?) American Young leave no emotion unmoved here; with the second track Die Another Day being a Soundtrack to a Saturday night after being dumped by your first love and features Jon Stone wringing the pathos out of every single word while Kristy sounds a bit like every girl who ever broke my heart before I met my true love (aaaaaahhhhh); and ‘no’, I never did ‘just want to be friends.’
The songwriting on all 5 songs is exemplary; as you’d expect from a band with their pedigree, but Seminole Wind, which closes the EP was still a surprise, with it’s opening maudlin fiddle before Kristy takes the mood into the Country territory I personally prefer and bodes well for the direction that American Young may and should tread on future releases.
That leaves two songs, the spectacular title track Soundtrack Of Your Life which could actually go on to be a Modern Country Classic as it ticks every box in the manual; and Kristy even hints at sounding a tad like both Reba and Trisha as she showcases her ‘big voice’ which is usually underplayed in the duets.
The other is actually my Favourite Song here; Falling Star. Possibly because it ‘jars a little’ sitting as it does in the middle; Stone manages to really tug at the heartstrings with his rich voice, and Kristy’s shadowing harmonies sound almost ghostly by comparison. A very clever song, but one that will be cruelly ignored by the Radio Stations as there are so many other easy picking here ……. but you and I know where to look for quality; don’t we?
I think it’s fair to say American Young fit in perfectly to the current swathe of Harmonious Country Acts from Little Big Town through to our very own The Shires; with a sound so smooth you can almost skate on it; but hey …….. that doesn’t make it bad at all; just very commercial and perfect for radio and a demographic who want to hear songs that ‘get them’ and American Young most certainly do that.

Released August 23rd 2019

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