Alice Howe VISIONS

Alice Howe

Classy Singer-Songwriter and Interpreter of all That is Roots Music.

As has happened a couple of times this year; I’ve received this album from two different Publicists; and this time they couldn’t be more disparate …….. the American Connection is primarily known for Blues music and the British one Folk; and there lies my dilemma …….. where does Alice Howe fit in to my little world?
Opening track Twilight wafts lushly across the whole Americana spectrum; like a pretty musical butterfly and finally lands on warm and colourful folksy flower, whereas the next song Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes certainly has a delightfully sweet Blues timbre to it; as it should because it’s written by Taj Mahal, who has maybe influenced this version in many ways too.
According to the attached notes Alice has a ‘mezzo-soprano’ voice …… I wouldn’t know; but it is bloody lovely, and she sure can catch your attention with it!
The mix of self-penned and cover versions is intriguing; with Alice’s own songs Still on My Mind and the funky and feisty Getaway Car standing proudly alongside some veritable classics that span the generations.
Without worrying too much about a pigeonhole to put this album in to, I’ve just sat back and let myself get immersed in the delightful Too Long at the Fair and the Rootsy Celticana of You Just Never Know. Plus I’m suitably impressed by more of Alice’s choices of songs to cover ; ooohhhh oooohhhh and oooh; she turns Muddy’s Honey Bee into a late night sultry seduction ode, while Don’t Think Twice Babe gets dusted off, polished and a whole new age group are set to discover Uncle Bob’s skills via this album; and if there wasn’t another song here that made me crumble like a baby learning to walk, Ms Howe’s impressive rendition of Bring It On Home to Me would surely have been the RMHQ Favourite Song here by a mile.
As a sucker for a good old fashioned Love Song, I always have; dating back to my teenage years pining over Tamla and Stax 45 RPM singles in my cold and lonely bedroom; so it will come as no surprise to find that the tantalizing What We Got Is Gold which is heartbreaking, heartfelt and even uplifting in equal measures is the official RMHQ Favourite Song here.
After spending the afternoon in a sunny back garden listening over and over again; let’s just settle on Alice Howe being a timeless Singer-Songwriter in the mould of Nanci Griffith, James Taylor and Joan Baez ……. laid back, thoughtful and most of all classy.

Released USA May 17th 2019
Released UK July 15th 2019

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