Sunset Sons SAY HI

Sunset Sons
Say Hi

Look, it’s a cool song by French based Aussie-Brit band Sunset Sons anyway; but how could I resist making this our Single of the Day with this video?
Serendipity plays a huge part, as Son #1, now 40 has been drawn back to skateboarding as my Granddaughter aged 10 has ‘got into it’ and a whole day of our imminent holiday with them is booked at a Sk8 Park in Tampere, Finland where they live!

‘Say Hi’ arrives just ahead of a run of intimate underplay dates from the France-based band – including London’s Camden Assembly on June 26 – which sold out immediately after going on sale. The 4 dates (which will be followed by festival appearances at Truck & Boardmasters) are Sunset Sons’ first UK dates since Nothing But Thieves took them on tour for a run of huge shows (alongside Demob Happy) in late 2018.

The new video for single ‘Say Hi’ – shot in & around the Southbank skate space – is a sort of inverse homage to Tom Hanks’ 80s classic, ‘Big’. Featuring the band’s own bassist Pete Harper, the video rounds out with some sweet home movie footage of a teenaged Pete skating back home in Australia….

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