Tullie Brae
Endless Blues Records

This Lady Really Can Sing The Blues, Especially The Low Down Soulful Kind.

Tullie Brae? I’m sure I once stayed at a B&B thereon a trip around North Scotland! (*That’s a joke btw)
This Tullie Brae comes from Louisiana; and it appears The Blues don’t just run through her blood but is fixed tightly deep in her DNA.
YIKES! The opening chords to track #1 Price of the Blues will scare a biker gang; and when Ms. Brae takes a deep breath and releases enough venom to stop a bull elephant on this striking tale of domestic abuse; told from the viewpoint of a neighbour.I’m not giving anything away if I tell you it’s a song of Biblical style retribution and redemption.
What a way to start an album; and mercifully Tullie allows us to catch our collective breath with the swampy Gospel infused Seven Bridges which follows afterwards; but to say there’s passion in her voice and the way the band swoop in behind her, would be a massive understatement.
I don’t know if they have a name; but the band here are as tight as a duck’s bum; but first and foremost this is Tullie Brae’s showpiece album, with all 10 songs coming from her own pen; and she certainly knows how to catch the listeners attention; on New Shoes she compares her new relationship to said footwear – and I ain’t ever heard that comparison before! Then with the funkilicious Watch Her Move she picks up the mantle for feisty women everywhere; especially Single Mothers; and it’s fair to say that in my younger days the women Tullie describes used to scare the pants off me (literally and figuratively!)
There’s no real surprise in discovering that love in all its shapes and sizes figures prominently on this ace album; with the sublime Mississippi Rain (starring Ms Brae playing some classy slide guitar) she captures the sultry atmosphere quite perfectly on a song of lost love that never leaves her memory; and on Ain’t No Good she goes deep into Beth Hart territory and comes out the other side unscathed; and in another life Shine would have been a crossover ‘Power Ballad’ and a huge Worldwide Hit; then the singer closes her album with the charming Thank You Mom; which she carefully steers away from being too twee.
Then there is the footstompin’ raggedy Delta Blues of Devil in Deville; which is not only a thrill a minute tale of temptation and sin; but shows what an amazing guitarist and singer Tullie Brae is; and therefore becomes the RMHQ Favourite Song here with ease.
I have no idea where Tullie Brae and her magnificent band sit in the American Blues World; but I’ve heard a helluva lot worse from much bigger names in the last few years; and very very few better Blues Albums from anyone out there; be they male, female or other.

Released 24th May 2019

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