Bambi Lee Savage
Hoof & Antler Records

There Sure Ain’t No Alt. In This Contemporary Kick-Ass Country!

After playing this album solidly for three days, and Mrs. Magpie asking “Can I have it when you’re finished with it?” I bypassed the Press Release and checked out her Wikipedia page…… and just when I thought I couldn’t love her more; I found this…… not only did she find musical salvation in
 Einstuerzende Neubauten and relocate to Berlin, she went on to help engineer a Goodbye Mr McKenzie album as well as U2’s Achtung Baby; but most excitedly of all, Bambi Lee Savage’s first ever inspiration was Lt. Uhura from Star Trek!
What’s not to like?
By the way, none of that knowledge will prepare you for the sizzling, straight up, kick-ass Country Music Bambi has recorded here….. you know, the type ‘they’ say isn’t available anymore!
As you’d expect from a proper Country album; there’s plenty of songs dedicated to drinkin’, cheatin’ and lovin’ …….. sometimes all at the same time!
There’s more Twang in opening track Honey than you will find in the last dozen releases from the Hat Acts in Nashville; and the delightfully edgy love note harks back to the heady days when Patsy and Kitty topped the charts.
At first I couldn’t get past Bambi’s sexy purr; but I’m a grown up and can now talk about her sizzling songs without coming out in a cold sweat.
Every song has the ability to make you smile and click your fingers while your feet will be doing things that your brain won’t be able to stop; even the heartbreakers like This Blue Heart and the tear inducing I’ll Have To Leave Town (To Get Over You).
Seriously, I went weak at the knees the first time I heard I Can’t Count On My Man; as I was sure I was hearing a Bobbie Gentry song; but Hell No….. this is purely Bambi Lee Savage putting the bite back into Female Country Music; without ever sounding like she’s even vaguely feeling sorry for herself.
I started to overthink the backstory to Get Out My Pillow (I’m Coming Home) …. why would she be away for 2 years and a day? Who cares; this punchy ole tune could only have been written after listening to Johnny Cash for 5 days in a row with only coffee and cigarettes as her friends.
As an album there’s absolutely no filler here, with every song capable of being a hit single (in a parallel universe!) but two songs stood out right from Day #1; and both feature RMHQ Icons Will Kimbrough on geetar and Spencer T Cullum on pedal-steel, with the feisty Demon Alcohol’s opening lines receiving a mental ‘Yeehaw’ every time I hear them;
“It’s a half past two, and I got that thirst
Last night’s pleasure
This morning’s curse
There’s nothing nicer than a drink in time
When you hear the call/when you hear the call
Of Demon Alcohol/Of Demon Alcohol!”
Not many songs you hear this year will be as ‘Country’ as this delightful little ditty.
The other song featuring that incomparable duo alongside a sizzling Bambi Lee Savage is Walk In Love, which again; takes all of the ingredients of Classic Country but adds 21st Century pep and vigour into the mix (and lyrics) and we have a winner; which is why this just about shades it as the RMHQ Favourite Song by a whisker.
I have no idea how this album compares to Bambi Lee Savage’s previous releases and nor do I care. This is a modern day gem that has arrived under the radar at RMHQ but deserves a huge audience not just around the world; but especially in and around Music Row, Nashville TN.

Released May 10th 2019

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