The Yawpers
Human Question
Bloodshot Records

A Cult Punk Rock Outlaw Cowboy Album for a Lost Generation.

In the 12 years I’ve been reviewing their music I think there’s only ever been two Bloodshot albums I’ve chosen not to review as I couldn’t get my head around what the act were producing (no names no number!) as this label have a roster of acts that are either straight forward ‘fantastic’ or at the very least ‘interesting’.
The Yawpers go to the top of both piles at RMHQ.
I had to do a double take halfway through opening track Child of Mercy. What is this witchcraft? Our favourite Punk Rock Outlaw Cowboys sound like they’ve been listening to Primal Scream while watching the History Channel…… but now two weeks later; it’s the perfect introduction to this new chapter in the band’s life.
Dancing on my Knees then comes straight at you outta the traps with no subtlety whatsoever…… and if you survive this intense Psychobilly without fumbling for the ‘off switch’ you are in for a veritable treat thereafter.
“You can’t like everything you review” I often get asked; and it’s true, I don’t; but there are plenty of times I can see what someone else will get from the songs I’m listening to; and rightly or wrongly that’s where The Yawpers fit into my life.
If I was 17 and just discovering beer, girls and Rock Music, The Yawpers would more than likely be my favourite ever band; as songs like Reason to Believe (with it’s attack dog guitar ) and Forgiveness Through Pain have the ability to change a young mans life.
In their defence The Yawpers do acoustic too; and both At Winters End and Man As Ghost are both really fascinating and well told stories and shows a gentle and articulate side that is usually lost in the glorious cacophony they are rightly lauded for.
That Primal Scream ‘feeling’ I described earlier, reappears on the epic title track Human Question and that nearly gave it the title of RMHQ Favourite Track here; but with hindsight and great taste, I’m actually going for ……… the heads down, hip-shaking, footstomper Earn Your Heaven which is the antithesis of just about everything you will hear on a radio anywhere in the Western World in 2019; but that’s radio’s loss……. the People will decide that this song will become a Cult Classic for the Lost Generation. Think Green Day covering MC5 two days after discovering The Doors. Alt. Punk-Prog anyone?
With HUMAN QUESTION The Yawpers somehow manages to challenge the listener on many fronts; not least your aural senses; but the end result is always entertaining, compulsive, life affirming and not least memorable in every sense.

Released April 19th 2019

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