Danni Nicholls
The Melted Morning

Powerfully Addictive Songs That Outshine Her Peers.

Even though the sun was shining outside this morning, it isn’t inside my head and I spent over half an hour pressing ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘next’ on the RMHQ laptop in the vain hope of finding something to suit my mood and eventually I came across Danni Nicholls’ heartrending and sorrowful voice pining on opening track Wild Is The Water; and I knew that I’d found just what I was searching for.
Hopefully my current mood isn’t the targeted demographic Ms. Nicholls is looking for; but that song somehow stung a chord for me; and the peppier Losing It which follows made my bottom lip tremor; if you get my meaning.
Danni Nicholls has one of those pearlescent voices that have always been popular in Country Music and has the ability to capture the attention and make absolutely everything listenable, non more so than the melodramatic Hear Your Voice which builds and builds like a romantic thriller on TV.
That’s not to say these songs, often co-written with RMHQ favourites Ben Glover and Robby Hecht, wouldn’t still be good in other hands; but Danni brings out that ‘something extra’ when she pours her heart and soul into Power To Leave and the haunting Unwanted.
Danni Nicholls’ voice also has the ability to draw out a cinematic intensity in the deeply personal songs Texas and Hear Your Voice, without ever setting her volume control at anything over 4 or possibly 5; which is quite some feat.
The one dilemma I have here is finding a slot to place the album into; Danni certainly sounds ‘Country,’ but in the Emmylou and Gretchen Peters area of expertise; and although Danni is 100% British, there’s an all pervading sense of enigmatic and Pure Americana in Ancient Embers and the wistful Wish I Were Alone, which also has a Folk tinge to it too.
Hey! Who needs pigeon-holes? Good music is just that; good music.
I’m a sucker for a straight up Love Song and the finale, Hopeless Romantic could easily have been written for me; yet Danni Nicholls sings it in the first person, so perhaps I’m not alone feeling this way, after all.
There’s a beautifully timeless quality to all of these songs and Producer Jordan Brooke Hamlin should be congratulated too, for creating a wonderful musical landscape for Danni Nicholls to pour her heart out in song; and what great songs they are too.

Released April 12th 2019

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