Shane Dwight
No One Loves Me Better
Red Parlor Records

Southern Rock With a Hefty Dash of Blues and Country.

There’s no special formula when it comes to choosing albums to review, and it can sometimes be a minefield; especially when I don’t recognise any of the names in the pile.
In this particular case it wasn’t the fairly interesting artwork that caught my attention; but the guy’s name ….. Shane Dwight. It sort of sounded like a character from the TV series Nashville to my addled mind; and as if by magic Shane’s fascinating Southern Rocking Country/Blues hybrid could easily have fit into that show just perfectly.
The title track No One Loves Me Better kick-starts the album like turning the key in a new Porsche Boxster…… a delightful rumble that foretells a classy ride is in store, preferably with the top down. Dwight has a ‘worn around the edges’ sound to it; and the glorious female backing vocalists coupled to some cool rolling piano and guitar that accompanies Dwight sounds like it could all have been appropriated from Muscle Shoals back in it’s heyday, as opposed to
Kevin McKendree’s studio in Franklin, TN.
Dwight wears his influences proudly as he throws caution to the wind on the Roadhouse boogie of Stand Up and on If You Ain’t The Devil he gets low down and dirty in a way that makes you feel all hot and sweaty.
Even though it’s all too easy to just sit back and wallow in Dwight’s demonstrative and expressive voice; there’s a lot going in both the background of his songs but the detail in his fairly edgy subject matter too.
While most songs will be most at home when played out in full, in concert there’s more than enough to enthrall the listener at home or in the car when you hear Levy Girl, She Likes to Ride and the awesome Sucker, with it’s nod in the direction of Bozz Scaggs, but with a Hip-Hop beat.
I’ve been torn between two entirely different songs for my title of Favourite Song; Trial of a Poet is a very modern twist on traditional Country Blues and features some sizzling Resonator guitar as Bekka Bramlett wails like a haunting siren in the background.
The other is a straight up ‘cheating’ Country Rocker; Bullets & Gasoline; but the way Dwight and the band pull it together makes it rather special indeed and is sure to be concert closer supreme!
It appears Shane Dwight has been around the American Blues scene for a decade or so; but this album so classy and well constructed I think the time is right for him to break out into the rest of the World; which will welcome him with open arms.

Released 5th April 2019

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