Sarah Buckley YOU’VE GOT ME (Single

Sarah Buckley
You’ve Got Me (Single)

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining and I’m watching Geordie Lad Brian Johnson interviewing New Yorker Billy Joel on the TV, while editing photos from a Jason Ringenberg gig last night when I checked my e-mails.
Alongside the obligatory rubbish that arrives on a weekend, there was a short and succinct message from Irish singer-songwriter Sarah Buckley linking me to her Debut Single, You’ve Got Me.
I was hooked inside 30 seconds…… perhaps it’s her flame red hair (yup, me and Charlie Brown both!), but mostly it’s Sarah’s eloquent and evocative narrative told via a soft Irish brogue purring out a story of hopeless and unrequited love, that whisked me back to Van Morrison’s golden album Avalon Sunset in the way Sarah uses her words as and conjures up images of infatuation that squeezed each and every single heart-string in my chest.
What a tease!
One song? ONE song…… come on Sarah, I need a whole album by next Friday!

Released March 23rd 2019

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