Vegas Strip Kings JACKPOT

Vegas Strip Kings
Gutbkit Records

These Cats in Hats Let The Good Times Roll and Rock.

This album arrived a couple of days after its release date and what with my ever increasing CD backlog; has sat gathering dust even though the Band’s exotic name tickled my fancy; until Thursday night while driving back from the airport; my trusty I-Phone selected the final track Sharp as a Razor on a particularly straight piece of motorway; and before I knew it the car was zipping along in time to the fizzing Rock and Rolling beat.
I then played the full album three times the following day; and even I have a list of imminent releases as long as my arm; I feel the need to scream this album’s delights from the rooftops!
The enigmatically titled Rotgut Run opens the party with a throbbing beat coupled to some swinging piano and guitar too; as Al Elk’s voice sounds like the kind of guy Mother’s warn their daughter’s about.
As I’m hearing a lot these days; and mostly from the same stable as Vegas Strip Kings; these guys somehow manage to combine straight up Rock and Roll with a Country swing and then smother it all in a simmering Mariachi sauce to create a sound that is just made for dancing and smooching too.
There ain’t nothing like Back To Me, Jesus on The Dash or Screeching Halt in my record collection, and I own plenty by Los Lobos and The Mavericks; but because between them The Strip Kings have so much to draw from; the end result is always going to be ‘different’; but ‘different’ in a good way.
Just when you think you have a handle on where these cats are coming from they throw a curve ball that you just don’t see coming; Take It Easy grabs us and makes us Jump ‘n Jive but follows that with some soulful Cajun music in the guise of Back To You, then they get all Bluesy in a Chicago fashion with the sassy V8 Ford; yet it all fits together like a made to measure Zoot Suit.
There two very special songs here that I guess sum up the appeal of The Vegas Strip Kings, Pawnbroker is fizzing Mariachi style song with some shiny Rocking and Rolling embellishments and the one that is easily the RMHQ Favourite Song, Same Thing which slows things down until it’s so slow and sleazy you expect Beelzebub to blush.
Predominantly a ‘Live Band’ The Vegas Strip Kings have done the nigh on impossible; by capturing their on stage ‘magic’ in the studio; and with Jackpot have created an album that will actually get played on it’s own merits rather than just as a reminder of a great night out.

Released February 22nd 2019

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