North 49
Vissen Records

I’ve just been away on holiday for a week, choosing to avoid any form of internet contact – or even listen to any music! This was purely ‘quality time’ for me and Mrs Magpie, as we wandered the streets of Barcelona during the day and haunted the bars and restaurants of the port side by night.
Then; on my return I found a pile of Cd’s waiting behind the front door and 23 e-mails with download attachments.
It breaks my heart; but the vast majority don’t suit what we do here at RMHQ (Psych-Folk? Prog influences Techno? Who are these people?)
But; right at the end of my ‘deleting exercise’ I unearthed this little beauty.
Only a single; but WOW!

Zürich based Americana, Folk duo GOLDSCHLATZ (Timothy Jaromir & Christina Rieder) with Canadian-Swiss roots are releasing their second single “North 49”. The song takes us back to the time when tens of thousands of immigrants flocked to Northern Canada to the area of the Klondike River, where the last big gold rush took place.
“North 49” is a further taste of the upcoming debut album “Salt of the Sea” to be released this October and it comes with a cool music video in a unique collage style. Catch them on tour in CH, GE and Canada this year 

Single Released April 12 2019
Album Released October 2019

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