Jarrod Dickenson UNDER A TEXAS SKY

Jarrod Dickenson
Under a Texas Sky
Continental Records

Raising the Flag High For Texas’ Favorite Songwriters.

A couple of years ago young Jarrod Dickenson looked like he was on the cusp of stardom, releasing his last album to a great fanfare on a ‘Major Label’; but sadly the musical fates that tend to come with such a delight only ever coughed and spluttered; leaving it to Jarrod himself getting the album to the likes of RMHQ ETC. and he hasn’t let that get him down, as
is still making exquisite music and releasing it on the super-cool Dutch label Continental Services
With a UK Tour to promote earlier in 2019; he chose to record 5 fabulous songs by fellow Texan songwriters and put his own inimitable stamp on them and sell them to his ‘beloved’ fan base and now send it out fully formed into the wild.
I like to think of myself as a Roy Orbison fan; but I haven’t heard Jarrod’s opening track Uptown, before. This may be a good thing, because this is the type of lusciously arranged song I’ve been waiting years to hear from the be-whiskered singer and I think I know what he was listening to growing up; if this delight is anything to go by.
Now, I have heard Esther Phillip’s Try Me but not like this. Mr Dickenson takes her soulful heartbreaker and adds even more pathos to the chorus and turns it into a minor Soap Opera of tragic proportions; and in doing so conjures up some amazing images in my head which will make a wonderful video (just saying!).
While Doug Sahm’s heyday was long before I got into this kind of music; I now own 5 albums including 2 different Greatest Hits; so again, I already knew I’m Glad For Your Sake; but I’ve instantly fallen in love with this version which owes a debt to the lovely crooning of Jim Reeves than Sir Douglas, and that’s a good thing at RMHQ.
The EP closes all too soon with a song I never get tired of hearing, Guy Clark’s Dublin Blues; which arguably is one of the benchmark songs for what we know as Alt. Country; and I’m pleased to say Jarrod Dickenson’s version not just pays homage to the Master; but his rich voice brings something new to it too.
I have to say at this stage that my choice of Favourite Song of these Five has surprised even me! I’ve never been a big fan of Willie Nelson, but this particular song Seven Spanish Angels is stunning beyond belief; and the way Dickenson inhabits the soul of the narrator is quite mind blowing; or at least it has been for me.
I’ve been a fan and supporter of Jarrod Dickenson for nigh on ten years now; and love this new direction especially as it shows what great taste he has and how good he is at interpreting another’s words and turning them into something extra special indeed.

Released March 8th 2019

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