Willie Farmer
The Man From The Hill
Big Legal Mess

Cool, Raw and Truly Authentic Blues From Duck Hill MS.

I’m sorry in advance, but this guy’s name…… Willie Farmer made me giggle like a pre-pubescent teenager; ‘Willie’ Farmer? Geddit? Never mind.
Farmer is one of those guys that just has The Blues running through his veins, buying his first guitar out of the proceeds from picking cotton; yet has just kept his singing and mean guitar playing as a bit of a hobby for the last 40 years or so, as he’s kept a roof over the family’s heads by owning his own auto-repair shop in Duck Hill MS. If we delve a bit deeper his Dad occasionally played harmonica for RMHQ Favourite Leo ‘Bud’ Welch and his Uncle ran a Juke Joint before getting killed in a dispute ‘over a woman’.
There’s a song in there somewhere.
Willie only recorded his debut album I’m Coming Back Home three years ago; and now the follow up The Man From The Hill, is getting a much wider distribution and promotion via the great Big Legal Mess record label.
OooooohhhhhhEEEEEE the rumbling guitar that introduces first song I Feel Good sent a shiver down my spine; and when Farmer’s worn and tattered voice enters the fray I knew I was listening to something really special indeed …….. authentic and Raw Blues that is intended to refresh both the heart and the soul.
It’s pretty apparent early on that our man has listened to a lot of different playing styles over the years as he’s honed his very own, distinctive playing and singing style that incorporates a bit of everything from Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy through to BB, Freddie and Albert Collins too, and even a bit of righteous Johnny Winter in Fistful of Dollars for good measure!
This album is primarily about his songs stories; and what songs they are too……. there’s a glorious Gospel inspired At The Meeting, but Break Bad and Daddy Was Right are from the downright low down and mean mistreated dirty end of the Blues spectrum; and then he makes I Am The Lightning and Shake Baby Shake simply sizzle with sexual tension!
This guy has a foot in every camp and performs each and every one with class and precision too.
Then of course there is the title track The Man From The Hill, which is a case of ‘keeping the best for last’ and ticks every box I have when it comes to loving Blues Music; a cool story sung by a cracking singer and more than enough fiery and funky guitar playing to make my heart skip a beat!
Willie Farmer hopes that the release of this album means he can finally ‘give up the day job’ and make a living from music……. I hope so too; as he is the Real Deal and certainly has the talent and good taste to bring joy to the masses all over the Western World.

Released March 1st 2019

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