Rebecca Loebe
Give Up Your Ghosts
Blue Corn Music

Not Just a Voice But a Great Songwriting Talent Too.

I’m told Rebecca Loebe first came to the public’s ‘notice’ on the American version of The Voice, but when not ‘winning’ went out on the road anyway, honing her talent and serving a rock solid apprenticeship…….. which I don’t think as many as you’d hope actually do in ‘these days of instant success.’
On the way to GIVE UP YOUR GHOSTS she has played 100’s of dates (some very large venues; most not so big) and self-released 4 albums, which is where I first encountered her.
As per usual I take the opening track as a guide to whether I will like an album, and Growing Up hit me smack between the eyes! This clever song evokes memories of the first time I heard Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy (who I always preferred btw!).
While not as ‘Rootsy’ as I’d first expected, the backing can be a bit ‘music by numbers’ at times; it takes nothing away from Rebecca’s distinctively smooth voice and intelligent way with telling her delicate stories through the medium of music.
For a young songwriter her subject matter can be quite deep and dark at times, with Lake Louise and Ghosts evoking vague memories of listening to Joni Mitchell in my teenage bedroom, and trying to feel ‘all grown up’.
One other thing in her writing that links Rebecca to Joni, Amy and Adele for me is her ‘inner toughness’ in High School Movie and Popular which will both have young women clenching their fists in solidarity as they listen intently in either their living rooms or concert halls.
Both are as sharp as a tack and are perfect for the current state of the world in 2019.
While there’s no rampant ‘anti-men feminism’ here; I doubt I am the intended demographic; with Rebecca generally choosing subjects that are about the things women; especially young women face on a day to day basis but delivering them in a non-preachy manner, and making Everything Changes and Got Away accessible to all and sundry; which is a very clever talent indeed.
Selecting a Favourite Song wasn’t easy; as there aren’t any particularly Radio Friendly songs here; as this is a collection of fully formed Grown Up songs in the vein of the Bed-sit variety that my generation grew up listening to; but I have selected the richly beautiful Tattoo; as it represents everything that is wonderful about this album; and signals a woman on the brink of stardom.

Released February 8th 2019

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