Jesse Kinch
I’m Not Like Everybody Else
Curb Records

Truth and Beauty By A Star Rising From The Ashes

It’s all too easy for my ageing generation to sneer at the myriad of Talent Show Winners who litter our lives these days; but every so often one or two are genuinely talented……. Leona Lewis, James Arthur and Olly Murs to name but 3 in the UK, and where would   Kelly Clarkson be without her leg up from a TV talent show? 
So kids, forget Musical Snobbery and let me tell you about this album from a winner of ABC’s US Rising Star IN 2014; he’s a lot more talented than you’d imagine….. and in his defence he walked away from his Prize contract with Capital, because ‘this’ is the album he had wanted to make and not just any old Pop-Pap……….so, give him a chance. 
Obviously I didn’t know his background when I first heard the hip-shaking and head-banging opening track Preaching Like The Pope…… Hell…I just wished I could grow my hair long enough to enjoy it to the Max…Dude!
While Kinch cites many and various bands and singers as influences; RMHQ will throw another name into that hat…….. Ian McNabb ex of the Icicle Works. 
Biff! Bang! Pow! This four minutes of Rock infused Country is straight from Mac’s Merseybeast template…… and it crops up again on the much gentler and more melodic ballad How Do I Reach You? Which follows, and these two songs alone highlight an amazing talent who can slide seamlessly between both worlds with ease.
Presumably the handsome young man with the angelic locks isn’t really being directed at my age group; but with quality songs from his very own pen like the raggedy Rock & Roll of Tamed, the ultra-passionate Nighttime In New York City and the winsome and string drenched After All These Lovers will endear him to music fans of all ages and persuasions surely?
I’m led to believe his choice of songs to cover in the show where his own; and if that’s true…… Jesse Kinch has impeccable taste and was brought up in a very eclectic household. 
Kinch cleverly changes the arrangement on I Put a Spell on You to make it sound more like Jose Feliciano than anyone else I can think of; and on RMHQ Favourite I’m a Man he goes all Spencer Davis; which is a name no one under 55 will know of; but hopefully enough youngsters will Google the name and discover a whole garden of earthly delights on You Tube. 
Jesse drops in a beautiful musical time bomb on yet another classy song from the RMHQ memory bank; the Beatles This Boy, which now has enough pathos to re-float the Titanic, and a song that made me make Mrs Magpie sit down and listen to with no distractions.
And…… that’s not even the best cover version here…… that accolade goes to a marvelous re-invention of Billie Jean, which I didn’t even come close to recognising as Kinch plays it on the acoustic guitar with a whole lot of echo; and wow…… I can easily understand why it took America by storm.
And…… that’s not even the best song here…… or to be more precise….. not even my favourite song here……. that goes to…..the exquisite title track, and a rare Kinks album track to boot, I’m Not Like Everybody Else. Back in the day this would have been called a Power Ballad; and it still is to some extent, but by jings Jesse Kinch has somehow crafted a very clever Rock song that wouldn’t have been out of place at the top of the charts in any decade across the the last 50 years! 
There’s a whole lot to like here, with Kinch first and foremost showing himself to be a cracking singer and very accomplished songwriter, plus the inclusion of 5 cover versions certainly isn’t a weakness, as his arrangements show a great talent at work in that area too. 
# When I first played her the album, Mrs Magpie asked “Is he the guy from A Star Is Born?” Which he obviously isn’t; but methinks will have a very similar demographic of fans of that soundtrack who like quality Rock Music with intelligent and occasionally sensitive lyrics and stories. 

Released USA March 16th 2018
Released Europe Jan 18th 2019 (LP & CD)
Download and Streaming all areas now.




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