Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective THE EGGSHED SESSIONS ep

Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective
The Eggshed Sessions|
Ashwill Records/Bandcamp

Hey! Brothers and Sisters This Is  Southern and Eastern Country Rock.

It seems a lifetime ago since we first played Diff’rent Gravy from this motley crew non-stop in the RMHQ office, but it was only March…..where, oh where does the time go?
Well, just in time for Christmas they are releasing a new EP, but not in the traditional manner …. no sirree Bub, this release will obviously be as a download, of course but also as a Collector’s Version on a Memory Stick/Flash Card! Get them and their hipster ways.
Anyhoot; onto the music……..
Some rather natty and neat Twangy geetar from Dave Milligan open things on Let My Love Show; and once Jamie starts singing through a raggedy velvet encased vocal box the world suddenly seems a better place to live in. While not exactly ground breaking; what’s not to like about some straight up 4/4 Country Rock that lights up the room and my downcast mood as November morphs into December?
Next up is the delightful Summertime In Georgia which sounds uncannily like the Allman’s; or more to the point 4 or 5 of the Allman’s circa ’73 on a night off having a ball in a Bar somewhere on the wrong side of town, such is the clever way Williams and band combine. No kidding; I’m being serious!
Yet again things end all too briefly  with the smouldering Hideaway, which yet again conjures up memories of the Allman’s or is it Lynard Skynard, especially on the chorus…….. boy; would I like to see these cray kids play in my backyard at SummerTyne Festival!
Then, I need to nip back a song for my Favourite Track, and it’s one that made me chuckle when I first Heard the opening line;
“You can go from Hero to Zero
In one day
That’s the way it goes sometimes.” 
on an evening when it made 100% Total Sense; such is the wonderfully astute Zero To Hero (Hero to Zero). Again it revolves around some sublime, almost Latino guitar work, but this is very much a song that begs to be listened to on its own merits; and I bet there’s not a single person that hears it won’t think it’s been them at some time in their very own life.
This is as good as Southern Rock gets in my opinion; well…… ‘Southern’ as in they hail from the Chelmsford Delta in rural Essex! 

Released October 30th 2018 


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