cartoon violence b

Cartoon Violence
Megalith Records

A Top Quality Two Tone Tonic For Lovers and Dancers Alike.

On the day after I received this from Bon Viveur, man about town and editor of the influential Ska Fanzine DO THE DOG Kev Flowerdew, a mate called me to say he’d been to see two great bands the night before in town; and guess what……one of them was only bloody Cartoon Violence!
Hey ho.
As is his won’t Kev told me bugger all about the band in his accompanying note, but their Facebook page lets us know that these Krazy Kids come from Welsh Wales, don’t appear to have surnames and have evolved from the amazing 3 Minute Warning and Smoke Like a Fish with a Toaster on drums. ….. but hey; it’s all about the music, isn’t it?
Yay Yay and thrice YAY! Opening track Insincere is a fabulous and frantic bittersweet love song, revolving around some mighty fine keyboard playing from Chuzz who also sings as if his life depends on it!
Quite an attention-grabbing start, it has to be said.
As I’m prone to do, a quick scan of the song titles showed what a wicked sense of humour the band have; with Social Animal being a bit of a rye look at the modern world and all its internet bound pitfalls; when just talking to each other is easier and cheaper. Much Ado About Nothing is even cooler than the title would suggest with Sash (a lady) sounding fabulouso as the band belt the living daylights out of their instruments in the background; and it has to be said; Cartoon Violence aren’t afraid of a melody or a catchy chorus too.
Somewhere in my collection I have a great version of a song called Black Sheep by one of the genres originators; but this song is their very own and Jason Childs strong songwriting proves that Ska can still punch a hole in your heart when it wants to; and he does it again with the fast and furious Out With The Old and Careful too…… don’t just dance…..LISTEN!
It’s actually a pleasant surprise these days to say that Cartoon Violence to some degree are re-treading the original Two Tone path, with nods to not just Jerry Dammers era Specials but also the Bodysnatchers and even Madness in the way they hide a kitchen sink opera behind a catchy tune; which brings me to the RMHQ Favourite Song here; Annie; which had it been released in 1980 would have been a Top 20 hit; but sadly this amazing song is destined never to be played on National Radio, which makes me very, very sad indeed.
There’s another song that could and should have also been a massive Hit and that’s the rip-roaring Serpico which had me not only skanking around the living–room but even shuffling in the driving seat of my car as it boomed from both stereos!
While I love most of the music I play and review, but nothing beats some quality up-tempo Ska as a way to shake the cobwebs off after a crap day at work and judging by this, their third album……. Cartoon Violence really are TOP QUALITY.

Released October 28th 2018



One thought on “Cartoon Violence PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE

  1. I have been ucky enough to see Cartoon Violence live in there home town a few times.
    In my view they’re even better live. They have such an amazing energy and stage presence.
    Different album by I love their song Teresa


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