Smoke Season
Smoke Season

Those who know me well, know how much I like a good cover version of a song…….but it has to be so far removed from the original that it’s virtually unrecognisable; and this brave, smoky, sexy and melancholic single ticks every single box I have for such projects.
I know not a jot about boy/girl duo Smoke Season, as their website is quite enigmatic about the couple and only really includes a couple of other singles that are as far removed from this haunting ballad as you can get.
Hey ho; the original Boys of Summer has been an RMHQ Favourite for decades now; and the was sexy way Gabrielle Wortman purrs Don Henley’s lyrics over Jason Rosean’s delicate acoustic guitar and occasional windswept noises leaves me in no doubt that this version is a worthy successor on the office Juke Box.

Released August 17th 2018

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