The Rising MOVING ON

the rising v

The Rising
Renegade Maverick Records

Classy Country-Pop and More From Nor’n Ireland.

I can’t remember who I saw then supporting a couple of years ago but I do remember young Nor’n Irish band blowing someone famousish of stage at Sage Gateshead; and I’ve subsequently kept in touch with their stop-start career.
Without going into too much detail here; The Rising are no longer a 5 piece band; but a tight as a drum 3 piece with Chantelle McAteer at the fore, singing and playing an assortment of keyboards, guitarist Chris Logan and Brian Mellors providing a rock solid bass behind them (drummers and pedal-steel players are added extras).
The aptly titled MOVING ON opens the album; and the feisty trio throw down the gauntlet not just to their doubters, but also the burgeoning British Country Movement with a passionate modern Country Rocking breakup song that Chantelle sings as if her life depends on it.
The tempo slows down on next song Forgive and Forget; but the mood of the broken hearted singer remains just as raw, just as it does on the bitter sweet Rebound.
Already I can imaging teenage girls everywhere poring over the lyrics thinking “they are singing about ME!” Just as Mrs. Magpie did all those years ago after some imagined slight I’d managed during one of our early dates.
Later the melancholy Rebound and Back To Me and Rebound follows in a similar ‘young love gone wrong path’ path; but is a whole lot more traditionally Country in style and will have them dancing in the aisles whenever played live.
While The Rising will easily fit in alongside The Shires, Jess and The Bandits etc. they certainly have their very own take on what they do; with influences like Chrissie Hinde and maybe even Debbie Harry coming through songs like Just Another Name and Roundabouts as much as Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert do on the exciting Take a Hint and the melancholic and love lorn Even If The Stars Fall For You.
After listening to this album on and off over the last few weeks it’s apparent that this trio who wrote or at east had a hand in writing every song here; write from the heart and their own experiences, both biter and sweet.
Which brings me to the RMHQ ‘Favourite Song’ accolade which has caused some friction in our house; as when I told my beloved that With You was by far the most outstanding song here; as it combines ‘all that is good about Traditional Country Music’ but with a ‘delightful modern twist’ she looked at me as if I’d gone mad, because the ‘delightful heartbreaker’ Love Is is the ‘best love song’ she has heard in years.
Experience tells me she who must be obeyed must be correct (even when she’s wrong!)… let’s call it a tie.
While a very commercial release by our normal standards; I have thoroughly enjoyed MOVING ON in the same way I enjoyed the first Shires album; and it’s an exhilarating pleasure to see and hear another rising musical talent coming out of Nor’n Ireland and hopefully onto the World’s stage.

Released 3rd August 2018


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