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Dany Franchi
Station House Records

 Swaggeringly Cool Blues Coupled To Some Scorching Guitar Playing.

Some days I suffer from a sensory overload; such is the amount of new music I listen to and when that happens I usually reach for some Classic Blues from one of the greats; but occasionally along comes an album like this beauty to fill the gap without me having to decide if it’s going to be Rory, Wolf, BB or if I’m really needing to clear my head, some Johnny Winter.
OK; it’s a stretch to compare Italian singer-guitarist to any of those cats; but this album has been a real musical palette cleanser recently and ticked every box in the RMHQ play book; and I think it will yours too.
Opening track Back To The River belies not just Franchi’s tender age but his country of origin too; as it’s big, bold sound should only come from someone with decades under his belt and thousands of miles under his feet ……but no; this song and everything that follows is brand new and shiny, written and recorded in the last 18 months.
There’s not even a hint of his Italian accent in a single note that comes from his velvety rasp which delivers songs like Big Kind Hearted Man and Wanna Know as if this was what this singer was born to do.
As you’d hope from the album cover, which features the handsome young fella standing in an alleyway cradling his favourite Stratocaster; this young cat can play it like breathing itself.
Thankfully for me; there’s no meandering solos here but when he strokes those strings on Sensation and Everything Gonna Be Alright; which are both poles apart in style……the Angels will actually sing HALLELUJAH!
The Blues and especially Blues-Rock, were I guess this album sits is littered with ‘Me Too’ acts; and most have their merits but here Dany Franchi proves to a triple threat; not only is he suavely handsome (according to Mrs Magpie), he sure can play that geetar but he also has an amazing voice which is not just suited to the dirtier end of the scale (Run Around) but the sweet side too when he shows more than a hint of Sam Cooke tas he croons the Soul out of Real Love and My Only One; both of which made my skin tingle the first time I heard them.
While I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Franchi’s songwriting; as nearly ever song here bares repeated listening; he really makes that Strat sizzle too; most noticeably on the guitar-organ based instrumental Sensation; which never ever sounds even the slightest bit self-indulgent.
Favourite Track? Well; that’s been a lot easier than you’d imagine from my previous words; but Big Town Playboy is very nearly the perfect cool and swaggering Blues song I’ve loved for half a century and boy oh boy what a searing harmonica solo that is in the middle!
I say this every now and again; but I genuinely love discovering talents like Dany Franchi and singing their praises to my little; but very knowledgable world outside this office.
This is Dany Franchi’s third album and he’s played numerous festivals across the US and mainland Europe but there’s a whole world out there who don’t know his work; don’t you make that mistake too……buy this album ASAP.

Released May 18th 2018

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