Love On Drugs SOLDER


Love On Drugs
Paraply Records

Grown Up Well Crafted and Sensitive Songs That Don’t Really Fit Any Specific Category.

This is another one of those albums that could have got away had it not been for my trusty I-Phone!
When it arrived last month I’d already missed the release date so it went straight into the ‘maybe’ pile without even a cursory play. Then two morning ago I was driving to work at dawn and the weather was grey and damp; but a song called At The Rainbow’s End really warmed the cockles of my heart. I don’t really understand technology but the title came up as Track #3 alongside the band name Love On Drugs; so a mental reminder was put in place for later that afternoon.
By the time I arrived home the sun had come out and I played the album as I ate a sandwich and checked my e-mails.
It turns out the ‘band’ Love On Drugs is actually the nom de plume for Swedish singer-songwriter Thomas Ponten and this is his 7th album in this guise, with more to come very soon.
Busy is the first song you’d normally hear and there’s a very ‘grown up’ feel to the way the song evolves; building and building layers yet still sounding quite simple; which is quite an achievement.
‘Grown Up’ is probably the best way to describe the way Ponten writes; and more especially the way the songs are constructed with dashes of Rock and Roll thrown in from Every Now and Then and Your Kind of Man juxtaposed against the more intimate Scar and Solitude which both seem to shimmer as they seep from the speakers.
Mrs. Magpie’s favourite Night Ride Home is both claustrophobic and intimate and one of those songs that needs to be played on the radio as the midnight hour approaches.
I don’t know why but using a piano as the lead instrument; in this case exquisitely played by Anders Gorasson gives music a more intellectual feel; or is that just me?
Choosing the Favourite Song certainly hasn’t been easy; as everything has its merits in that regard and there are no obvious commercial radio singles here at all; but I’ve come back to two songs a couple of times the darkly personal Insomnia touches spot for me I’d rather not go into and that bass heavy Your Kind of Man has a certain ‘funk’ to it that I really like; so I’m going for the latter song.
Music like this has drifted in and out of my life for nigh on half a century; Elton John, Billy Joel and even Chris de Burgh back in the day; all wrote well crafted and sensitive songs that don’t really fit any specific category but won them legions of fans who don’t just follow the crowd for the sake of it.

Released April 13th 2018

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