Big Gun Show SHAKEN NOT STIRRED (Deluxe Edition)


Big Gun Show

Ooh La La! Austin’s Coolest Bar Band Really Shakes Some Action.

Serendipity or what?
Only a couple of weeks ago I was bemoaning the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any bands out there taking up the Faces/Stones mantle any more……then out of the blue; along comes the new EP from our favourite bar band in Austin….The Big Gun Show!
First of all I was shocked; nay *disgusted at the sexist CD Cover as it slithered out of the plain brown envelope; but hey this is bar band music after all and I forgive them.
With all five songs here vaguely and very loosely dedicated to two of the bands ‘heroes’ Keef Richards and James Bond; opening track ‘true story’ of loving and losing, Got What You Wanted is the solid, four to the floor, powerhouse Friday night rocker that I’ve been waiting months to blow my cobwebs away. Even after a cursory listen it was evident that singerist Gunter Woodson hasn’t been on a macro-biotic diet since the last record; this guy has moved on from ‘beer, cigarettes and French Kisses’  to whisky and wild, wild women judging by his amazing voice; and now a month later I think I was correct!
Although they named ‘Keef’ in the accompanying letter; track #2 Sick and Tired is Bona-fide Ronnie Wood all the way through on a song the Faces would have been proud to have recorded on Ooh La La; and dig that cool piano and violin too, baby!
Sadly Gunter had already pointed me to track #3 00 Stud in his letter; so the ode to our favourite Spy; now masquerading as a singer in a Rock n Roll band was less of a surprise than it will be for you……although I’m possibly spoiling that surprise too as I’m making it my Favourite Track.
What you will normally buy or stream will be those three songs; but there’s a Deluxe Version too (which is what I have in my grubby paws right now) featuring two more sleazy and professionally sloppy Rockers of the finest order.
Let It Shine starts with a cool acoustic under Gunter’s pleading to his lover; then the band who sound as tight as a copper coil; glide in and out like a Summer Breeze. Tres Cool, methinks and well worthy of a single release itself.
Then there is Anyway; a slightly left of centre Jonathan Richman Poptastic three minutes that just goes to show that these crazy kids aren’t just one trick ponies; they can shake some action with the best of them.

*This only applies if any of my more militant feminist friends are reading this review. Otherwise I bloody love it!

Released June 1st 2018

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