Low Cut Connie
Contender Records

High Octane Rock n Roll and Red Raw Punk Drenched R&B.

I’d not heard of Low Cut Connie prior to seeing them rip the roof off a Jumpin’ Hot Club gig earlier this year with their high octane blend of Rock n Roll and red raw R&B so couldn’t wait to finally hear if they could replicate that energy on record…..which would take some doing.
The roof remained in tact the first time I played opening track All These Kids Are Way Too High; but when I turned the volume up even higher the second time the windows definitely rattled!
Revolving around singer, piano player and Showman Extraordinaire Low Cut Connie really know how to put on an unforgettable show and here with an exhilarating mixture of slow and almost dirty Blues ballads like One More Time and Every Time You Turn Around with the rip-snorting scuzzy 50’s inspired Rock & Roll of Hey! Little Child and more than a smattering of London Punk on Please Do Not Come Around and when put together in this form they sizzle and burn like a forest fire.
Weiner deliberately cuts a figure based on Jerry Lee; but there’s more than a hint of Joe Strummer in the way he and the band drop sexy Rock Bombs like Beverly and Suzanne on the unsuspecting listener……and they are so damn good; you come back for more and more.
At face value this is a high-rolling and fun album from a well rehearsed band; but dig deeper and you will find some really interesting, eloquent and thought provoking songs masquerading as ‘Only Rock and Roll’……….Desegregation takes the casual listener down a dark road in a way I can only think Randy Newman can; and again but more importantly on Hollywood when Weiner uses a beautiful ballad to describe what it’s like to be an aspiring star but ultimately a failure in Tinsel Town, again proving what an exceptional songwriter he is.
Then there is the RMHQ ‘Favourite Song’……..Master Tapes which has a delightful melody to it masking a very biting set of lyrics; with Low Cut Connie using the musical metaphor of ‘Master Tapes’ for all the things he’s said during a break-up…….and again the windows rattled.
I’m not sure what else to say; but Low Cut Connie are one of the best and most entertaining bar bands I’ve ever seen; and I’ve seen a lot and, yes they can transfer that excitement and magic onto record and more importantly make you actually listen to the songs you thought you could only dance to.

Released May 18th 2018

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