Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs CLIPPETY CLOP

holly g

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
Transdreamer Records

A Clever Harnessing of Old Timey Hill-Country Music with Raw Garage Punk Energy.

In the late 1980’s and early 90’s the burgeoning Post-Punk scene in London Town appeared to revolve around a character called Wild Billy Childish and the Headcoats; of which Holly Golightly was a member of his long time opening act The Headcoatees.
While both acts filled pubs all around the capital; record sales were minimal. Ms Golightly though went on to record a solo record The Good Things in 1995 and has subsequently gone on to release a further dozen or so albums, most of which as Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs which is really just her and partner ‘Lawyer Dave’.
It shames me that I’ve never heard a single one before this one; but that means I can listen to CLIPPETY CLOP with no baggage to hamper my listening pleasure.
While not exactly a ‘Concept Album’ as the title suggests, Horses play a big part in every song, primarily because the couple run a horse sanctuary in their real lives.
Starting with Mule Skinner a sparkling Old Timey Country Blues song that bares no resemblance to any other version of Mule Skinner Blues I’ve heard; especially as Ms Golightly has something of a potty mouth; which actually comes across more as cheeky than vulgar.
The duo make a big noise for such a small operation on the atmospheric Carpet of Horses and Kill Grey Mule.
Most songs here filter natty Old-Time Hill Country Folk through a Garage filter and come out the other side with the rather pleasing Pinto Pony and Jinny Mule; plus on Stewball Dave comes in just short of a full blown yodel at one stage.
While this billed as Holly’s album Dave gets a couple of opportunities to display his own rather good singing abilities; Strawberry Roan and I Ride an Old Paint, with both being as Country as Country gets in this format.
The RMHQ Favourite Track was quite an easy selection, as Horses in The Mines is one helluva story and almost Gothic in the way the couple present it; with ghostly harmonies some really dirty guitar licks from Lawyer Dave who also defies science the way he pounds that drum kit at the same time.
There are only a couple of songs here I already knew; although Holly and Dave’s arrangements make them virtually unrecognisable from the originals; Clippety Clop comes to a close with a world weary rendition of Mule Train; with the emphasis on the chorus……”Clippety Clop.”
OK I may have had a couple of beers tonight as I write this; but listening to CLIPPETY CLOP has been a very pleasant change; as a very professional production team has successfully harnessed the the couple’s raw energy with some quite commercial output; which is quite an achievement for all concerned.

Released 4th May 2018


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