My Top 10 #6 Rory Gallagher.

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As it’s a major milestone for me on Friday April 20th I thought I’d do a sort of Top 10 of songs that have influenced me over that 60 years; or 55 years in musical terms!
As regular readers will know I have very eclectic taste which probably started in my childhood as the youngest of four brothers in the 1960’s.
Me? Born in 58 I was a child of the 70’s starting with T Rex and Slade singles which begat ‘Big Boys Music’ with the Faces, Rory Gallagher and the Rolling Stones (which was actually a thread for all three younger siblings).
When you get to #1 on Friday you will realise that there are well over 100 other songs that have influenced me at one time or another but these 10 really are cornerstones to what you read on the Rocking Magpie on a daily basis.
So; here goes with #6

Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues
My brother Melvyn had previously introduced me to Rory vi his Taste LP’s and I can distinctly remember the day he brought the first solo album into the house and forbade me from playing it before he did. HA! No chance.
Rory’s later output was a bit on the average side; but absolutely nothing in the history of recorded music matches the excitement of the Live In Europe album.
Rory at Newcastle City Hall was my first ever gig…….15/- and the best money I ever spent.

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