j burn 2018

J Burn

The Lizard King Meets Some NY Punks In a Vegas Strip Club.

I’m going to try an experiment here; one I haven’t tried without a tightrope for a long time……I’m going to review an album during the first listen!
J Burn has previously given RMHQ Exclusive first plays of tracks from his albums but for some reason this album has arrived with no Press Release and only two days before it is let out into the wild; so here goes.
Opening track Hydra’s Tooth wasn’t what I expected at all! Boom! It’s a big ole NYC Punk Rocker in the style of RMHQ favourites Willie Nile and Jesse Malin……and I can only imagine Burn almost swallowing the mic as he spits out the lyrics and at least one of the participants (probably the bass player) sounds like his guitar is slung at knee level but turned up to 11……Yikes…..what a great start.
Mercifully things slow down a tad for the next track Good Enough; which is much more like what I was expecting with Burn now smoozing into the mic while he makes his guitar gently weep and wail in the background, on a peach of a song.
That spiky attitude reappears soon enough on the menacing TBD which comes from the the dark end of Rock Street, and sounds a lot like a Sensational Alex Harvey Band 45 played at 33….which is a good thing at RMHQ.
There’s a wonderful bizarreness about the mix of song structures here; with what I’ve just described coupled to the jaunty almost Country tunes Seem That Way and the Twangtastic Rascally Man, which might even be a contender for ‘Favourite Song’ status.
Then there’s Fade, which again has a slightly menacing feel to it; but it’s masked under a much more melodic tune……and the way Burn delivers the lyrics sounds like The Byrds have been held hostage by Leonard Cohen!
Dirt which follows now has Jay Burn sounding uncannily like Roger McGuinn reciting mystical poetry as the Doors jam away in the background……confused? Who cares……this is Alternative Music for the Alternative Generation…..if such a thing exists.
The album closes with the mystical and almost psychedelic Nothing (Full) which is as good a place as any to close proceedings; especially that wonderful guitar solo……oohhheeee IS IT GOOD!
Then there has to be an RMHQ ‘Favourite Track’ which is easier than you’d think baring in mind the diversity on offer here; I’m going for Un-In-Spiralled which again sounds very 60’s but very ‘now’ too with its hypnotic organ and brooding bass fighting a sizzling electric guitar for attention as Jay Burn can’t decide if he’s Jim Morrison or David Crosby up front; but he sounds like he’s wearing leather trousers, so I guess he’s channelling his inner Lizard King on a gorgeously intense Rock Song Deluxe.
So; after only one listen I’m left a bit bamboozled but none the less impressed by the diversity on offer here; which somehow still manages to sound like a collective piece.
Well done everyone; and I can think of a few friends who will love an album like this.

Released April 20th 2018

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