Bourbon Express CRY ABOUT IT LATER

Bourbon Express

Bourbon Express

Classy Honky-Tonking Country Songs to Make You Smile, Weep and Dance.

As in dependent reviewer I am very proud and humbled and honoured when big labels send me albums by household names to review; but what excites me about having a website like RMHQ is discovering band like Bourbon Express and screaming about them from the Internet rooftops!
As usual the story began with an e-mail saying ‘loved your review of X, so we thought you might like our music.’
A CD eventually arrived and while the cover photo looked cool, the band name did nothing for me; then last Tuesday I was looking at the spreadsheet for April and saw. alongside a dozen others this CD review outstanding for a April 20th release. Pretty much as soon as I heard Katie Curley’s Angelic voice and the rinky-dink Country beat on opening track Pick Me Up I not only had a smile on my face but went a bit weak at the knees!
Oh man! What a song…..indeed what a 100% Classic Country song, as Katie takes the role of a recently married woman who gets depressed on her honeymoon when she realises that they are stone cold broke. How Country is that?
While husband and wife Katie and Brendan Curley certainly know their musical history, and bring little bits of Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb and mostly Tammy Wynnette to the party; from the second listen, this is very much the Bourbon Express’ contemporary take on a classic genre as Devil’s Angel proves in every note. It’s a bit Alt. Country but could just easily have been played in a Tucson Barroom in 1966.
Every song and story here stand up on its’ own, with the bittersweet love song Ten Gallon Hat featuring some sizzling guitar (electric and pedal) and Blame It On The Hangover being something anyone from Dolly, Loretta and Ashley McBryde would be proud to cover.
Even though there are plenty of sad songs here; it is a Honky-Tonking Country album after all, the stories you hear in the delicately beautiful Dream Girl, Turn the Page and the finale Cold Quiet Drink which was recorded with everyone sitting around one microphone in the studio will still make you smile ruefully as you drift off into each and every one of the glorious choruses.
Two songs especially stand out and tie for the title of RMHQ Favourite song; Telecaster Man is staggeringly excellent from start to finish and the story behind it (Producer Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel regaling Katie with his back story and that of Kenny Vaughan who the Curleys are fans of) makes it a real doozy and could be attributed to many of my own favourite Nashville Cats. The other is Mrs. Magpies favourite; Five to Nine which is Honky-Tonk Deluxe and a bit of a feminist rallying cry as Katie tells us “Thank you for your pay-check/it’s awfully kind of you/but it don’t make up for your bullshit/and the Hell that you put me through/8 hours a day you treat me like/your personal Stepford Doll” …….come on how razor sharp, observant and cool is that?
Then of course there is the title track Cry About It Later, where Katie Curley’s voice is veritably tear inducing even making the pedal-steel guitar gently weep as Brendan takes the Twang out of Texas and plants it firmly into the backstreets of Brooklyn.
This is definitely an old fashioned Long Player, as it can be played at any time of the day or night and will cover just about any mood from background music to full on Party, which is a rarity these days.

Released April 20th 2018

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