Carrington MacDuffie KISS MAKE BETTER

carrington v

Carrington MacDuffie
Indie Extreme

Sweet Dreams and a Richly Lived Life in Song.

Here we go again; my eyes were immediately drawn to the cover of this CD well before I’d even looked at the track listing (3 songs with kiss in the title) and even longer before I’d heard a note, but I prayed I was going to like the contents.
That photo on the cover? Carrington looks like one of those 1990’s LA Rocker vixens, but she’s holding an odd acoustic instrument…..very odd combination methinks.
Kiss Make Better opens proceedings and…… lives up to the billing; sensual, sensitive and openly passionate with a yearning lyric and some razor sharp guitar from Tim Galloway combine to make a timeless Alt. Indie soft rocker that perfect for late night radio.
It’s difficult to choose a peg to hang Carrington’s music on as it’s certainly Indie Rock but quite a few tracks have a synth behind the guitars; making Hot Sun of the Summer and Like Sonar make me think especially of Annie Lennox or more specifically the Eurythmics…..which isn’t a bad thing.
It appears Ms MacDuffie is something of a renaissance woman, travelling extensively, writing poetry, providing voice-overs, flying Airplanes and even writing music, which perhaps explains the maturity in writing on songs like I Let You Kiss Me and Over Again with it’s sitar and Euro-Pop Country rock out…..have a listen and then tell me how you would describe it!
There are a couple of intriguing cover versions here too, Blue Moon is delightful and errs on present-day updating of the Cowboy Junkies version but she releases her inner Post-Punk Diva when she takes on Why Can’t He Be You, and the Patsy Cline classic never sounded punchier or indeed sexier.
While the synth/Electro beat has been hard work for me personally I know plenty of people who love it so with them in mind I’m going for the divine and slightly quirky Red Kiss/Blue Halo as my favourite track, mostly because the lyrics touched me in a somewhat poetic fashion and the backbeat again harked back to those heady days of the 1980’s in the pubs of Newcastle’s Bigg Market with my jacket sleeves rolled up and my perm cascading along my shoulders.
All in all an enjoyable album that will be more suited to the European market than the one I know in the UK or probably North America either; but that’s not meant to be a criticism just an opinion.

Released 13th April 2018

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