Crayon Angels – POSTCARDS (EP)


Crayon Angels
Submarine Broadcasting

Well Crafted and Quintessential English Pop/Folk Crossover At It’s Finest.

I have to hold my hands up here because Crayon Angels not just appealed to my vanity when they got in touch asking if I would review this, their second EP (saying really nice things about RMHQ) but also resorting to ‘payolla’ by including a cool badge with the CD …..and I do like a badge!
In fairness that only goes so far with me; as my time is far too precious to waste on music I don’t like; so it was a lovely surprise to hear opening track The Last Leaf sounding uncannily like mid-period Beautiful South; with singer Natalia Castiglioni’s warmly absorbing voice winning my heart in an instant on a quirky love song.
As they say themselves this trio from the Essex Hinterlands are very difficult to pin down; as they are undoubtedly a Folk Group at heart but with over-riding Pop sensibilities in the best of British traditions; as the title track proves. Delicious harmonies; a Spectoresque production coupled with intricate instrumentation and a deep and meaningful kitchen sink drama of a song combine to create a track that is quintessential English Pop music at its best.
The EP comes to an all too quick closure with the haunting Colour & Sound; which had me scratching my head until it dawned on me that it reminded me of the long forgotten River City People and Siobhan Maher-Kennedy that I loved to bits twenty odd years ago; a timeless soft-rock sound that certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio.
Then I have to swoop back to track #3 Your Sorry Self for my ‘Favourite Track’ accolade; and one of those songs that stopped me right in my tracks the first time I heard it.
Perhaps it was the mood I was in that day, or it could be the exquisite production but this tale of indiscretion really touched my heart; and really and truly showcases Natalia’s stunning vocals.
It’s discovering gems like The Crayon Angels that makes all the hours I put in on the website worthwhile. Artistes like this trio are the heartbeat of the music industry and deserve a much wider audience than the Folk Clubs of North London and the Essex Borders; but you know that don’t you….because you know a singer or band in your local area that is wasting their time singing to one man and a dog on a Tuesday night; when Ed Sheeran and Coldplay can sell-out football stadiums in 3 seconds flat.
Hey ho; trust me, this EP is a beautiful little thing and needs to be loved and cherished by people who appreciate well crafted and heartfelt music. Buy it ASAP.

Released February 5th 2018


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