Greg Sover – JUBILEE

greg sover jubilee

Greg Sover
Blues Foundation

Cool Rhythm and Blues From Soulful Guitarist.

Even if I hadn’t already been aware of Greg Sover the cover of this CD caught my attention before I’d even heard a note; and opening track Emotional genuinely justified my choice to slip it into the Hi-Fi on a day when I received albums from several household names.
The Blues comes in many, many variants and we will each have our favourite format; but the slick voiced singer and red hot guitarist easily straddles the Soulful Rhythm and Blues style that I’ve loved for 40+ years. Think a pumped up George Benson or Robert Cray and you will understand why I swiftly turned the dial up to 9 that first and subsequent days.
Sover slows things down and dirty on the next track Jubilee; which features his awesome slide guitar and sizzling harmonica from Mikey Junior; and the song itself is pretty damn fine too.
The Philly native really shows his Soulful side on the sweet and tender Hand on my Heart which is the type of crossover song that not only wins fans of all ages; but wins awards too.
I Give My Love is a bit of a left of centre surprise as it’s a little bit Reggae and a little bit Blues-Lite but features some spellbinding guitar playing on a very danceable tune; especially if you’ve had a bellyful of rum.
Oddly enough for a 7 track EP JUBILEE manages to feature an edited version of Hand on My Heart as a closer; possibly for radio consumption, albeit a minute and a half shorter there’s not a lot of difference between the two versions.
Also there’s a live track Temptation; slow and sultry at heart but with guitar breaks that will blow any cobwebs out of your head; and boy does it showcase Greg Sover’s amazing voice and songwriting too.
Which then brings me to my ‘favourite track’ As The Years Go Passing By, the type of sensual yet cool Blues that you’d expect from Albert Collins or Robert Cray (whom I mentioned earlier) but ooh, ooh, ooooh is this the perfect accompaniment to a late night liaison with the love of your life; or perhaps that’s just the romantic in me.
As well as loving his previous album, Greg Sover was a featured artiste on the International Blues Artist of the Year 2018 album I reviewed a few weeks ago; and now I’m a fully committed fan.

Released January 8th 2018

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