tom mess d

Tom Mess
Red Lounge Records.

Classic Alt. Country That Rocks With Germanic Precision.

My heart sinks when someone offers something “I think you will like” because you reviewed Band X or Singer Y; it’s really not that simple.
Such was my gut feeling when a nice lady from this German record company got in touch a couple of moths ago; which is why I dismissed the original e-mail; but she persevered and even when the promised CD didn’t arrive (€6 wasted apparently) she had one last attempt to get me to have a listen.
I can only apologise…….as it’s a corker!
The title track Forget Everything opens proceedings and…..WOW…’s pretty damn much everything I like in Alt. Country…..a world weary singer, Twangtastic guitars, a pedal-steel that will break a concrete heart and a song that takes your breath away.
Mess cranks down the gears to make the band’s engine roar for the next song Get Away and I was sucked in for a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions.
As en ex-Punk and lonely singer-songwriter Tom Mess knows how to rock a tune (Stranded & Broke) but also how to tug on your heartstrings too (Ache Can Be an Engine) with equal measure; and that combined to an obvious love of Classic Country Rock makes this album come at you from all directions until you submit to it’s all too obvious pleasures.
In simple terms this is Trucker Cap Country Music, as opposed to the Stetson type; and songs like Oh, Honey and Hobo Sound are well suited to a Friday night anywhere beer is consumed and the lonely congregate.
I’ve predominantly listened to this album in the car; and in that setting it’s good old-fashioned driving music with the larger-than-life final song Your Part is To Prove Me Wrong easily being my favourite track here; but I guess there’s something here for everyone to give a similar accolade too.
Yet again I’ve discovered someone from the other side of the Atlantic who can write and play Country Music better than a whole load of household name Americans; Tom Mess…..remember the name and where you heard it.
Released October 13 2017

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