Popa Chubby – TWO DOGS

popa chubby

Popa Chubby
PCP (Popa Chubby Productions).

Cool 21st Century Schizoid Blues From the Bronx.

Popa Chubby is one of those names that has skirted around my radar for several years now; but I don’t think I actually own a note of music by him; until now.
While intrigued, because I’ve read some very positive reviews of his previous albums by people I really respect; I was a bit nervous about what I would hear; as I held the Gangsta style cover in my hands.
Thankfully I needn’t have worried one iota as some very fluid Blues guitar poured from the speakers before Popa’s deep and Soulful voice soared behind it on the attention grabbing opening song It’s Alright.
Popa Chubby is certainly steeped in ‘The Blues’ but his references are a lot more modern with elements of Jimmy Vaughan coming through on Pre-Existing Condition and Chubby’s Boogie could easily be a great lost Freddie King tune; but what excites me most is the way Chubby channels the Funky ghosts of Hendrix and Prince without ever sounding like either on Me Won’t Back Down and the sultry instrumental Clayophus Dupree as well as the silky guitar licks on a couple of other tracks too.
But, first and foremost Popa Chubby is a 21st Century Bluesman with his own distinctive styling that can best be heard on Shakedown, Sam Lay’s Pistol and the title track Two Dogs which is as low down and dirty as the Blues gets without the Police being called.
Before I get to ‘my favourite track’ my copy of the album contains two fascinating Bonus Tracks; both recorded live and both covers and both show Popa Chubby’s great taste and love of good music rather than just retreading tired old staples; Sympathy For The Devil is so intense you fear it may snap in half; and the inclusion of a near 10 minute re-interpretation of Hallelujah is simply stunning from start to finish.
But we jump back to the beginning for my ‘Favourite Track,’ Rescue Me is a fairly simple and timeless ‘four to the floor’ Boogie-Stomp; but there is also something really special and magical about the dirty guitar and the way Chubby sings will really tear at your heartstrings.
So after all these years and numerous albums I’ve finally discovered the Musical Box of Delights that is Popa Chubby; and I’m now going to spend a fortune buying up his back catalogue!

Released 27th November 2017


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