jim white

Jim White
Loose Music.

The Definitive Americana Album From Left Field Maverick.

Jim White used to be incredibly difficult to categorise; but with the advent of ‘Americana’ there isn’t a single word in the English language that sums up this left of centre Maverick better, as he encapsulates everything I associate with that all encompassing word.
Probably best know for his documentary film Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus, Jim White is so much more; obviously a singer-songwriter but an artist, a writer and raconteur of the finest order too.
This is White’s 7th album under his own moniker but he also has numerous collaborations which are never less than interesting and always worth checking out.
So; why did this little silver disc make me shake with excitement when I slid it into the office CD Player?
Everything about opening track Drift Away sums up why I love Jim White, he has a soft and sensual voice and his lyrics are almost poetic in essence and he chooses instruments and melodies at will to suit the song he hears inside his head. Drift Away is almost Appalachian in mood; and moody it certainly is.
Yet Silver Threads when it comes along is positively jaunty by comparison and almost Country-Rock; no….that’s exactly what it is Country-Rock not too unlike the harmonies of Poco, if I’m not mistaken.
Playing Guitars on the other hand is a whimsical piece that would sound silly in lesser hands; but had me trying to decipher a hidden meaning (which isn’t there btw) because it’s by Jim White.
Just as your face is smiling from ear to ear, White throws a musical grenade into the mix by following it with Far Beyond The Spoken Word which is spellbinding but has to be heard to be believed.
Later we get Reason To Cry, a haunting and almost Gothic song that will send a shiver down your spine. With Jim White you never know what to expect from one song to the next; but the journey is never less than exciting and intriguing.
Picking a ‘Favourite track’ is virtually impossible with such a myriad of delights to choose from; but I’m going to toss a coin to decide between the Honky-Tonky duet Earnest T Bass at Last Finds the Woman of His Dreams and Prisoners Dilemma an almost cinematic opus, with a dark and serious and almost threatening chorus and melody.
Jim White albums aren’t for everyone; and they are never recorded with commercial success in mind, but White’s fans are many and loyal and they will love this latest release like a long lost child returning to the fold.

PS I can’t wait to finally see him on his upcoming UK Tour.

Released UK & Europe 10th November 2017

Released USA 9th February 2018


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