Kenny Foster DEEP CUTS

kenny foster

Kenny Foster

Emotionally Raw Contemporary Country.

This album very nearly got lost on the maelstrom that is the RMHQ Reviews Desk……but, trust me it’s far too good to miss.
From the compelling opening track Stand, to the closer Wood & Steel everything about this album screams ‘Country Star,’ yet Deep Cuts appears to be his debut; and if it is he’s a very mature songwriter indeed.
That first song, Stand caught me completely unawares the first time I heard it; and today; four months later it still has the quality to make me sit up and pay attention.
A song called Made follows; with some stinging pedal-steel and a haunting piano on a song so sad it can only be a Country Song; the type of Blue-Collar heartbreaker that the ‘Hat Acts’ can’t really sing with conviction; but when you hear the pain in Foster’s voice you know this is the ‘real deal.’
The production on tracks like The Ol’ Days and Revival make them sound like they would be best heard in a sold-out stadium; but Foster also has the knack of telling the most intimate tale in Caught or especially Drinking at Home, with it’s mournful accordion; when even a house concert would sound too crowded; such is the masterful way he not only tells a story, but sings it too.
To some degree long haired Country/Americana singers with scraggy beards are ‘two a penny’ these days; but as is always the case there are always a hidden diamond somewhere; and Kenny Foster certainly falls into that category; especially when he can deliver songs like Revival and the tale of teenage heart break, Old Fashioned without them even coming into the reckoning for the title of ‘RMHQ Favourite Song.’
That title is a tie between the feisty and danceable Good Enough (my choice) and the slow and delightful Hearts That Bend (Mrs. Magpies #1).
As I implied earlier; it’s a very crowded marketplace for Country/Americana singer-songwriters at the moment; but quality will always rise to the top and I expect that to happen to Kenny Foster very, very soon.
RMHQ Recommends!!

Released April 17th 2017


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