malojian x

Rollercoaster Records

A Whole New Intriguing and Mesmerising Direction For Northern Ireland’s Finest.

I won’t bore you again with my story of the day that I ‘discovered’ Malojian aka Stevie Scullion; but when both Bap Kennedy and Anthony Toner ‘insist’ that you watch a young lad and his band at a music festival; than said young lad must be pretty special; and…..he/they is/are.
This is Malojian’s fourth album since that exciting afternoon in Belfast and I’ve been excitedly waiting for my copy ever since I heard a whisper about it’s release from a spy in Northern Ireland as far back as July.
Not for the first time this year I can honestly say……this ain’t what I was expecting….at all. Malojian is primarily a singer-songwriter brought up in the post-punk era and has a love for all things Indie, which can come across in some of his songs……and his last outing had a bit of a ‘West Coast/Laurel Canyon’ theme…….and opening track Some New Bones sort of carries on where that album left off;
the guitars certainly have a Byrdsian feel to it, then with the addition of some crackling radio effects; the song soon drifts off into Teenage Fanclub Land; with harmonies galore and more echo than the Grand Canyon and could easily have been one of my ‘Sounds of the Summer’ had it been released earlier.
With that in mind, the first track most of us heard here was the single Ambulance Song, with it’s Sgt. Pepper meets Syd era Floyd ‘vibe’ which intrigued me; and if I wasn’t prepared for that, track #2 here A New Armageddon knocked me sideways; it’s a slow, moody and stark song sung over a luscious and intense Doors style meditative melody……but don’t worry……it’s bloody beautiful in it’s own way.
The rest of the album pretty much follows suit; not quite ‘experimental’ but so far left of what we think is centre; it hardy bares comparison to what has ever gone before.
But……while songs like Damp and the title track Let Your Weirdness are somewhat ‘challenging’ the first time you hear them; persevere and they too will unravel before your very eyes; and when they do you will punch the air with joy.
Now I’ve played the album solidly for two days and nights; just like I did back in my teenage bedroom in the 70’s; I get the feeling that Stevie and his cohorts have been listening to much the same LPs; which has greatly influenced this ‘work’……there’s definitely a ‘Progressive’ feel to Between The Pylons and the gorgeous Hanging on the Glow and Battery, with the judicious use of synths and organs being a bit of a giveaway.
Even on that mind-bending first play one track caught my attention above all others; possibly because it’s more what we associate with Malojian; a deceptively complex love song, that will actually crush your heart……..The Purity of Your Smile; which eventually evolves into a semi-classical piece with swooping violins and a cello from the Gods, is the type of ingenious song that deserves every award going.
The ever growing Malojian fan base I figure will be initially confused as I was; because this is a much bigger and far more complex ‘sound’ than we could ever have expected; but I’m pretty sure they too will persevere and fall in love with it on its own merits.
But……. new fans to Malojian’s music will fall over themselves in the rush to buy this record; and I personally can’t wait to see and hear it performed in all its glory on a stage sometime soon.

Released October 6th October 2017


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