Lydia Loveless – BOY CRAZY (and the singles)


Lydia Loveless
BOY CRAZY (and the singles)
Bloodshot Records

Snarling and Vulnerable Post-Punk Country For The Lost Generation.

….while I have and love both of Lydia Loveless’s previous releases I don’t appear to have reviewed them; well not on RMHQ cos I’m sure I did with INDESTRUCTIBLE MACHINE, but that must have been when I wrote for…..never mind; I loved it and that’s all that matters.
Describing Lydia’s music is easy and difficult too; because she is Country through and through; but brought up in the Punk Rock Generation and coupled with a naturally feisty spirit combine to make the perfect Bloodshot act……..’Insurgent Country’ par excellence!
This neatly cobbled together compilation of singles, B-Sides and covers is the perfect way to discover her music; especially opening track All I Know, with it’s deceptive jangly guitars that mask Lydia’s beseeching voice on a heartbreaking and contemporary love story. If you like this; you will love the swinging All The Time which follows; and if you are still with us track #3, the spunky Lover’s Spat is the song when I knew Lydia Loveless had all of the qualities to become one of her generation’s finest songwriters.
Mile High is a prime example as Lydia sings “I didn’t come here to make friends/but I had no choice/I got so tired of being one of the boys/when I got drunk I lost all of my poise/I’m so sorry for the All-American noise/I was thinking of things I’d do if I had the time/My fingers smell of pussy and Lucky Strikes.” Challenging? Yes. Quality? Most definitely.
This is 2017 and it’s amazing to find someone who can still shock with words while still telling a story that will strike a chord with thousands of young women.
Loveless combines that Post-Punk intensity with Country melodies unlike anyone else I’ve heard outside of Bloodshot Records; and even then she’s one of the few who still flies the Insurgent banner with pride on Come Over and Falling Out of Love both of which conjure up memories of Loretta at her angriest and Chrissie Hynde at her most bruised and political too.
There are three fascinating covers included too, with Lydia putting her very own Loveless stamp on Kesha’s Blind and the classics I Would Die 4 U and Costello’s Allison, which she turns into a sapphic heartbreaker.
Then , of course there has to be a favourite track…….not altogether easy; but I loved Boy Crazy when it came out as a single and nothing has tarnished it’s memory so that’s what I’m going for; think Phil Spector producing Blondie a year before Parallel Lines and you will understand why this song should have been a teenage girls anthem last Summer; but never got played on the wireless.
I can’t think of a better home for Lydia Loveless than Bloodshot Records; a relationship that is less a marriage made in Heaven and more a dysfunctional couple living in sin; and having the time of their lives regardless of what the world outside thinks.

Released 13th October 2017


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