Whitney Rose – RULE 62

whitney Rose cc

Whitney Rose
Six Shooter/Thirty Tigers

Country Won’t Get Countrier than this in 2017.

This has been a busy couple of years for young Canadian chanteuse Whitney Rose; after already honing her craft on the road, following a self-titled Canadian CD release in 2012; she made  HEARTBREAKER of the YEAR album with none other than Raul Malo in 2015; then went back onto another Tour That Never Ends before rocking up at Dale Watson’s Countrypolitan studio to record the South Texas Suite which was released earlier in 2017.
Then…….just as she was about to tour the World promoting that disc she found a week to go back into the studio with Malo again and RULE 62 is the exciting result.
OOOHHEEE…..opening track I Don’t Want Half (I Just Want Out) is just the type of Classic Modern Country song Whitney’s previous releases threatened and boy has she delivered. It swings and shimmers like one of Dolly’s dresses and the backing band bring out the best in her voice like an actual spotlight.
It’s odd that in 2017 we consider this type of Music as ‘left-field’ because mainstream Country Music is either Rock with a pedal-steel or Pop with a banjo; whereas when Whitney Rose purrs Wake Me In Wyoming or Tied To The Wheel, with Jen Gunderman’s haunting accordion and Malo providing harmonies in the background you just know you are listening to real Country Music….real, quality down home Country Music that we all grew up with and still love today.
As a fanboy I can tell Whitney’s writing has matured over the last couple of years, with the Honky-Tonk two-steeper Arizona and Time To Cry both being fiery break-up songs that only maturity and a strong imagination can bring to life; and I can only imagine the reaction both will get when played live.

Another song, Can’t Stop Shaking has taken on a life of it’s own as it was originally written to control her pre-stage nerves; but was recorded on US Inauguration Day and now sums up how a lot of Americans feel about the state of their country.
There was very nearly a tie for the title of ‘Favourite Song’ with Mrs Magpie going for the Phil Spector influenced Better To My Baby; which is very easy to like; but I’m going for Trucker’s Funeral partly because it’s the type of tongue in cheek song Dolly or Tammy might have sung; but mostly because the first time I heard it in the car I had to turn it back to the beginning as I thought I’d misheard a line…..I hadn’t; and the delicious twist in this 100% Prime Cut Country (and true!) song is absolutely brilliant; but I won’t give the secret away.
What more can I say about Whitney Rose? If she’s good enough for Raul Malo, Dale Watson and The Rocking Magpie she’s good enough for you too.

#Rule 62 comes from the AA programme, paraphrased as “Don’t take yourself too seriously!”

Released October 6th 2017


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