61 Ghosts – TO THE EDGE

61 ghost xs

61 Ghosts
Bluzpik Media Group.

For Your Delectation, The Dangerous End of Urban Blues.

It wasn’t so much the album cover that caught my attention; but rather the out of focus photo of this Trio on the reverse side.
So, with nothing to lose into the car stereo it went…..yes sirree Bob; this is every bit a greasy, punky and even dirty shade of the Blues as I’d hoped.
That opening track, Heartbeat actually seemed to fight it’s way out of the speakers, kicking, scratching and biting until it got my full attention…..which it deserved.
Next out of the traps is the ‘four to the floor’ No One At Your Door; and even though best played very loud, Joe Mazzari’s gritty vocals are well up in the mix; and you can easily follow this story of a bitter broken down relationship.
While not 100% original, I can’t actually think of anyone to directly compare 61 Ghosts to, as Mazzari sounds like Henry Rollins at times and others JD Wilkes or even Nick Cave; and his guitar flits between Steve Jones, Muddy Waters and Rory Gallagher……which is why I love the low down slinky World Gone Crazy and the intimate acoustic led Show Me Your Scars with equal measure.
The short and sweet 6 track EP closes with another acoustic song, the tightly wrapped love song, Passion Tipped Arrow, which treads ever so slightly into Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt territory.
Which brings me to ‘Favourite Track’ time; and it’s a song that crystallises everything that is good with this mini-LP; If Tears Were Dirt combines that Grunge….slow, slow, fast, fast, slow format; with Mazzari’s mournful voice growling out a poetic story as he gently strums his guitar before firing it up and having you on the edge of your seat; while Dixie Deadwood treats her drums like an enemy and JD Sipe nearly pulls the strings off his bass at times.
As a taster for any proposed full size album; …..To The Edge is crammed full of quality music; a little bit of this and a lot of that, with a few bits of something else bringing any loose ends together.

Released June 20th 2017

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